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    Blizzard`s big surprise

    Was it Project Blackstone then ?
    Can`t find confirmation or otherwise anywhere
    (i ask this cause i am dying to know about titan or at least some ground breaking wow change like - 80% resilience)
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    Big surprise? If you are referring to the unannounced feature then no. Other than that I can't think of any other Blizzard surprises we knew about recently.

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    The controversial feature was Thunderforged items, the unannounced feature near the end of MoP is still unannounced.
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    blackstone is starcraft related not warcraft, so no

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    Oh come on, a new thread again?

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    Project blackstone is a Starcraft teaser site where two scientists alk about experiments they have been conducting to merge Zerg DNA with Human DNA to make better soldiers, which will be part of the plot to Heart of the Swarm. Personally I don't see any kind of inherant danger in trying to merge the DNA of a Hive Mind creature that wants to consume all living things with a human so I don't see what all the huff is about.

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