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    Coming back to WoW after a long absence

    Been away from WoW since the end of Wrath but I've lurked on the forums here and there so I have a very general idea of what's going on but not completely up on all the details. I'll be transferring one of my toons to play with a friend running a guild on his server and I'm having a hard time choosing which one to transfer. My main was always a disc/shadow priest but I also have/had a feral/feral druid and prot/ret pally at 80. I used to tank/heal/dps in progression raiding and did a good amount of pvp both of which I'd like to continue doing however also really started to enjoy going back and soloing old raids with my two tanks. I always hated the "pick my class" for me threads so sorry for making one, but I guess I'm just wondering if anything about these classes has changed drastically since the end of Wrath and if any of them are absolutely horrid at either pvp or raiding nowadays. This isn't a this class sucks thread so please don't turn it into one, just looking for any helpful information that might help me to make a decision. My buddy is a ret/prot paladin so I'm imagining bringing my paladin over might not be the best idea but I'm not completely against it. Thanks for any helpful information you might be able to add and for the horde I guess? That's going to be weird, always hated you guys.

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    All classes have changed substantially, and pallies are worlds apart from how they were in Wrath. You have an all new resource to manage (Holy Power) and lots more active abilities and procs to manage. Some love it, absolutely love it, others long for the simpler days.

    I'd recommend you go with that - nothing beats instant tank queues and being nigh-unkillable during quests (Mists has some pretty freakin' rough quests/quest mobs as you get closer to/reach 90)!

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    We can't choose for you. Only you can decide what class you're going to play. You can use the class forums to research each class, yourself, to come to a decision.

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