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    Not sure of what to do, regarding mh,oh vs staff!

    Hey, cant link armoury but im kataru from eu draenor, currently have the RF staff 2/2, but was lucky enough to grab the normal loshan sword, yet dont have an offhand as of yet, was just thinking, isit really worth me upgrading sword to 504 (staff is 491) but use the 476 fan offhand, or would i be losing alot of dps? If anyone else has had this id be much appreciated to read their thoughts on this subject..
    Its doubtful ill get normal staff anytime soon, mainly die to 2weeks untill 5.2..

    Any advice is much needed! Thanks!

    Must mention i dont use simcraft, cant get my head properly around it and it seems to take atleast 5hours for a result...:/

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    since all the spell power is on the sword, i would guess that it would be a small upgrade to go with the sword.

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    Plus the Intellect on the OH Fan, and the Intellect enchant for it would put it above the staff by itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kataru View Post
    Hey, cant link armoury but im kataru from eu draenor
    Huh? there should be nothing preventing you from posting a link to your armory, you have sufficient post count and such.

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