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    Horde Shaman - Best Race?


    I'm about to play 3v3 with a warlock and a warrior and I'm looking to create a shaman.

    What would be the best race in your opinion?

    Thanks in advance

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    goblin or orc, but unless you plan on challenging the best in the world, it wont make any difference. Play what you like the look of

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    The horde shaman is my most race-changed character on my entire account and I have just about everything.

    I have an affinity to the Orc because of the Orc Shaman unit from WC3. Enhancement Orcs are great for the wolves buff and axe/fist expertise.

    I was originally a Tauren and love the look of the shaman armor on that race.

    Trolls are very voodoo/hex which makes me think they are culturally the best fit lore wise.

    Goblins I don't like looks or lore, but damn their racials are so pro.

    PVP wise, Goblins, but in every other category the old horde races feel like a better fit imo.

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    only bad advices have been given so far.

    ORC is the only way to go http://www.wowhead.com/spell=20573 + http://www.wowhead.com/item=76891 gives you 25% reduced stun duration which on live makes deep freeze last 3 seconds for example.

    + you can always macro your http://www.wowhead.com/spell=33697 into ascendance or something for even more healing output in time of need.

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    Thanks a lot so far

    Could you guys give me an additional advice on a lvling spec?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptrckolous123 View Post
    Thanks a lot so far

    Could you guys give me an additional advice on a lvling spec?
    5man grinding as resto through 84-85 is very fast, as for questing low level enhancement is easier and more efficient but for the most part balances out as you get closer to max level.

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    Warstomp is great to set up a proper thunderstorm and give you a chance to free cast if you're under a lot of pressure.
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    rocket jump saves lives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoGhost View Post
    rocket jump saves lives.
    This, this so much. Rocket jump is so damn awesome at times. I just wish the CD was shorter.

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    Orc, there is not other choice for arena pvp and those who say there is are wrong. Orc + stun duration meta. If you do think I am wrong, just look at the arena ladder.

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    Rocket Jump saves lives, but Orc is the better race. Mini-on use and stun reduction is too good.

    Level as Enh to like 20-40 then swap over to Ele. 1 shotting mobs with Lava burst is fun. (Or just start as Ele. It's shit up to level 15 though - then you can get lightning bolt glyph).

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