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  • Gilnean distric

    166 33.54%
  • Pandarem distric

    37 7.47%
  • Night elf distric

    50 10.10%
  • Paladin´s unique bastion

    77 15.56%

    93 18.79%
  • Other.

    72 14.55%
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  1. #161
    A Vegas district. Complete with casinos and all the debauchery you'd ever want.

  2. #162
    Either Gilnean district or Multi-Cultural. I'd like to see it more of a giant square with corners belonging to each unrepresented faction in SW, and the middle of the district being an Auction house or something.

    Edit - With NPCs trading around, kind of like an open market in Philadelphia style that you walk about and buy whatever you please in stands set up with wood etc.

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    Gilnean would be proper for Stormwind, i mean.. Greymane is standing beside Varian. He need a crib of his own!

  4. #164
    I'd say there is only one thing that really fits there, a giant statue of Garrosh healscream bigger than Stormwind castle on a mound of nelf and human corpses out of pure gold.

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    A sports stadium style Arena, like a Colluseum

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    The Lightbringer dragothica's Avatar
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    Paladin´s unique bastion because I'm a Paladin. But, really I'd like to see a area for a future Alliance race or something. Or then place some Player / Guild housing or similar there. As for Horde, after SoO there is a chance they could have similar destroyed section of the city open for future use.

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    I like the idea of a refugee section, or perhaps a slum district. Beggars & thieves, and assorted rabble.

    Paladin area would be kind of cool but there's already the cathedral thing for Priests & Paladins.

    Gilneans already hang out with the Night Elves in Darnassus - the Night Elves gave them sanctuary because they felt responsible for their plight (there's a questline about this in Ashenvale.)

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    Or a casino.

    Pandaren Hold'em anyone?

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    I'd like to see a headquater of restored silver hand order as alliance church of light military arms with changed concept, from tirion neutral to some kind of warhammer inquistion I think stormwind should laso have a Statue of Lothar

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    What Gilneans need is their own damned city and zone back. Leaving Gilneas as a BG was an absurd idea that promote a wasted space in the game world.
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    MogIt probably.
    I'm almost up for saying anything at this point. It was fun to look at this for Cata but it's an eye sore now to glance at that area.
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    I think the Exodar is really pretty. It's a shame no one goes there. Any who, I would want that to be there.

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    Ethnic district with a mix of Worgen, Night Elves, Draenei and Pandaren NPCs and architectures.
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    Worgen petting zoo! All the kiddies can come along and pat worgen and take them for walkies.

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    So much for the tolerant left.
    A gilnean district would be pretty cool. I'd like it if the Dwarven district was more dwarfy.
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    Can we have both a hogger statue and a paladins only bathroom? Not a bastion, just a bathroom.

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    High-Elfs district !

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    Isn't going to be rebuilt. Blizzard is trying to skate by on the bare minimum these days. Scenarios instead of real dungeons... recycling the same dailies every patch... making a lame card game. They aren't going to spare a pittance to fix Stormwind when that could be used padding their profits.

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    I'd love to see something that has to do with how the lore turns out in 5.4 as it is probably the final chapter of MoP unless they make a 5.5 noncontent patch like 5.3 and 5.1.

    could be anything from the siege of ogrimmar to the maybe fall of garrosh or the maybe return of thrall or possibly a treaty pact of the alliance and the horde. the possibilities are endless

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    Gilnean district in the park and bigger pandaren camps in both Stomwind and Orgrimmar to reflect the population of the Pandaren living there.

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