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    What are your thoughts on these people? Every time I hear someone talk about the military and how thankful they are for them for fighting for our freedom and defending our country, I just die a little inside, and seriously want to punch a hole in the wall with my head. No they are not fighting for our freedom, and no they are not defending our country. No country in the Middle East is a serious threat to the United States. Their response: "But we're over there to combat terrorism". Wake the fuck up, terrorists are everywhere. That guy that shot a bunch of kids in that Sandy Hook elementary school, terrorist. That guy that shot all those people in that movie theater in Colorado, terrorist. That guy that shot a crap ton of people in Norway, terrorist. You can not go to a specific part of the world in hopes of combating an idea. It's simply propaganda.

    The only time they are defending us is if our country is in danger like when Japan bombed the shit out of Pearl Harbor in WW2.
    The Military protect you from outside threats, the police protect you from internal.

    The only time that should change is under marshal law.
    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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    The debt is a problem because it takes away from our actual spending every year. How is that not an issue? If that causes us to not be able to balance the budget, we borrow more, then need to borrow more the next year etc.

    The reason you don't hear about ways to fix the debt isn't because it doesn't need to be done.
    You've only said what I previously stated, fixing the debt doesn't matter because it doesn't need to be done. The world will support America in any financial crisis because America is the centre of world trade. China needs America to stay alive, so it can stay alive, there are several countries that rely on Americas economy to fuel their own. The world won't just sit there and watch America collapse, they will continually keep funding it. America will continually keep having to borrow money every single year, because as a country you can't fund your own economy, you are essentially a 3rd world country. What I previously stated was not facts, but the truth, you don't necessarily *need* to pay back interest. The American community buying imports from these other countries is what fuels these countries to continually keep funding America. Do you really think the amount you pay back in interest really matters? It's pennies at this point.

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    "fighting for our country" is technically accurate. As in they are fighting in the employment of the country's government.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felicia View Post
    Sign yourself over, to protect America's interests. Whether's it's oil, terrorism, or whatever else is out there.
    I would say that also. It's not a war to protect America or even it's citizens is to protect and enforce American's interests, benefiting the vast majority of politicians and the people that sponsored them, that lobby to them. Or even let me put it this way, if by attacking "country X" they would gain "Y ammount" making it profitable, no law in the world of UN/EU/NATO/<insert organisation here> can stop them to invade/declare war on that country.

    It's that idea and actions that US is above all and that they have the right to wage war internationally at any given time, makes me feel more unsecured then secured.

    But with peace, what's the point of DoD, the army, spending increase, soldiers recruiting. They will be out or relocated to do something else. Not to mention the whole propaganda and I think US has found the perfect neverending war with the whole "war on terror".
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    I thank people in the military, veterans or current, for their sacrifice they make to live in a less comfortable life than I live SO people like me can live how we do. Not necessarily for "world policing" but for the sacrifice of years out of their life.

    I do not support our wars worldwide but I do support the people doing their jobs abroad to support their families.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daerio View Post
    Killing people to do so isn't the right way. There are other ways.
    When you figure out another way that we haven't tried yet be sure to let us know.

    Also killing is never the intent, the intent is to send troops to strongarm those who would oppress their people while protecting those people, killing just happens because those in power will often resist change.

    I mean honestly trying to impose regulations on an oppresive government that does not agree with you is like trying to enforce gun laws on Gun supporters.
    In the end we protect what we believe to be right or the most beneficial to us, using physical force if necessary.

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