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    5.3 patch notes...

    So I was reading the latest 5.3 Patch notes and it appears almost every other class was buffed or remained unchanged much except for rogues who got ST nerf, CnD nerf, glyph of cheap shot and garrote nerf, and find weakness nerfed. Looks like I'll take a break from wow in 5.3

    Furthermore Hunters and Warlocks were buffed which IMO were the classes that needed to be buffed the least.

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    This is being discussed in various other threads riddled through the front couple of pages on the rogue forums. If you're interested as a rogue, post in them. If you're interested as a cross-class comparison, post in Raids and Dungeons or PvP, as appropriate. I'm assuming you're looking at PvP based on the tone of your post; Find Weakness was buffed for PvE.

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