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    What do rogues have to counter cc? (5.3)


    Exactly how does rogues counter cc in end-game, assuming the current PTR changes? I'm currently leveling a rogue and I'm aghast by the amount of cc that is constantly thrown at me. I have one way to counter a cc, which is to trinket. But then there's a ton of other rooting and slowing spells; Frost Nova (x2), Hammer of Justice (Oh, do I hate this ability), Frost Bolt, various hunter abilities, shamans (that Frost Shock is ridiculous), Priests (that fear...), Warlocks, Warriors (yet another fear) and Druids (Cyclone/Entagling Roots).

    This is a lot of cc...

    I only have experience with rogue in low level, so I'm wondering if anyone can provide a list of abilities we have to escape various forms of cc.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We can cloak and vanish slows
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    You can also get burst of speed talent of you're concerned about slows/roots. CLOS......

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    First off, I'd recommend using some sort of a castbar addon, something that allows you to scale up your castbar and set different colors for interruptable and non-interruptable spells. You can avoid a Fear for example by interrupting it, and if you can't get to the caster you can either use Deadly Throw to interrupt them or use Cloak right before they get their cast off, giving you a brief moment of immunity. Cloak can be used offensively to keep from being cc'd during a burst window as well.

    Vanish will break roots and slows of any kind.

    Burst of Speed will break any kind of slow, but does not break roots.

    Your trinket is your only escape from stuns/incapacitates, but Evasion can cause some of these abilities to miss.
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    Cloak prevents magic CC, Vanish clears roots and slow and drops target for targeted CC, and counter CC lets you CC them before they CC you. Evasion is pretty useless for avoiding CC outside of Scatter, Gouge, KS, and Disarms; much better used as a straight defensive most of the time.

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    you could prevent CC with CC, but that is just a thought of mine ...

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    Basically nothing. With this class you have to anticipate CC and act to make it imposseble. Rather than getting out of it mindlessly like a dk or something.
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