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  • The flying machine

    2 1.10%
  • The time machine

    15 8.24%
  • X-ray glasses

    2 1.10%
  • Artificial intelligence

    17 9.34%
  • Teleportation

    36 19.78%
  • The cape of invisibility

    8 4.40%
  • Dream recording

    5 2.75%
  • Eternal youth elixir

    48 26.37%
  • Nuclear fusion

    29 15.93%
  • Other

    20 10.99%
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    Eh, I voted teleportation, for the simple cool factor, and not having to have a fucking pain in the ass car to go eveywhere would be really awesome. If it ever happens to be possible, though, I don't expect anything biological to actually be able to teleport and end up not dead at the other end. However, I would definitely not get tired of being able to teleport anywhere in the world whenever I wanted if this actually became possible. I guess a time machine would be even more awesome but to apply the real world a bit, I think it's been pretty much proven that you can only travel into the future (by going really, really fast), never back, which seems like a bad idea when you have no idea what lies ahead.

    Youth elixir sounds great and all in theory, and I don't mean to imply that I'm eager to be dead any time soon, but, honestly, I'm not so sure I would want to be immortal. I mean, I guess I could still get run over by a bus and die that way, and I really wouldn't mind aging a lot slower, but....I don't know.

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    I chose nuclear fusion. Basically if nuclear fusion were practical, many things could be discovered due to it. With such a harness on energy, mankind could do SO much.

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    Eternal youth would be nice. Sure the world would overpopulate even more, but we'd have the (current) world's greatest minds with a lot of time on their hands. Already talk of moon bases, so I think we can manage moving people around.

    Give people long enough to live, and they can probably do some amazing things for the progression of mankind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zethras View Post
    Other: Zero Point Module.

    Stargate watchers/fans will know what i'm talking about. ^_^

    It's a device that draws vacuum energy from an artificially generated pocket of subspace, providing massive amounts of clean energy for an exceptionally long time.

    Best part? They're disposable! They're the universes most potent double A battery! XD
    ZedPM all the way, baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slackjawsix View Post
    something that would allow for life on other planets earth is so droll :P
    off topic: is ur avatar Drizzt? It looks an awful lot like him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesta View Post
    flying machine? don't we already have these things called planes?
    Beat me to it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melanieshaman View Post
    Data jack like from Cyberpunk or Shadowrun. Don't know about something? need to know how to do something at an expert level, jack-in, or slip a data chip in your data slot and "know it".
    This times 1,000,000

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holes View Post
    Eternal youth would be nice. Sure the world would overpopulate even more, but we'd have the (current) world's greatest minds with a lot of time on their hands. Already talk of moon bases, so I think we can manage moving people around.

    Give people long enough to live, and they can probably do some amazing things for the progression of mankind.
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    Teleportation would be awesome. No expensive flights, no traffic jams, eating sushi in Japan instead of buying it in a bad local restaurant... *sighs*

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    Voted for eternal youth elixir. I happen to be wanting eternal life. Aside from that, i guess i'd want teleportation or something.

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    I kind of would like a combination of time travel and eternal youth that would allow one to travel to different eras of history/regions of the world and live through life as a member of a society of your choice during a particular era. Nothing involving major alterations to history for personal gain, just the ability to be able to experience different cultures and time periods over and over again.

    Also I guess in the A.I. area I want a virtual reality RPG where you truly are the main character in an open world that contains NPCs with their own lives and minds and being able to form a party with them and interact with them as if they were real living entities, and no I don't mean a MMO.

    As for something not on the list: a pocket dimension. Both as a way to store your loot and also as an alternative to owning a house, being able to travel the world but never having to give up your personal comforts.

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    As much as I'd like an eternal youth cure-all, I think nuclear fusion would make our world substantially cleaner and more environmentally sound. Of course you run the risk of X country using it against Y country for Z purposes, but one can hope right?
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    Something that could take us to other galaxies fast enough for me to visit them.

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    I'd have to go with current age Alchemy, as in the ability to change one element/substance on a molecular level into another element/substance. While this could cause a problem with the economy and lower the value of many things, it will also be completely necessary in the future in my opinion. At some point we will run out of necessary resources on Earth because of how mass is converted. At some point in the distant future we WILL run out of resources such as water, gasoline, etc. If we manage to create an easy way to transform one element into another without a large amount of energy we would be able to do a lot of things to advance society.

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    Caught up between Artificial intelligence, Teleportation, and Nuclear fusion.
    I'll go with AI. Would love to have real conversations with my computer as a companion when playing games.

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    Hover board, seriously, where the hell are they?

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    chose for other, some sort of warp drive or multiple times speed of light drive would be good, preferably shortly followed by that elixir of eternal youth or some sort of perma-anti-aging thingy

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    me want my own heartstone.

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    Eternal youth.

    That way i can live long enough to see the other inventions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrathblade View Post
    there atm working with linking your brain onto a computer. making you able to read and write data to a computer using your brains.
    this would open up a ton of possibilities.

    for example you wouldn't be stuck playing wow behind a computer. you would jump into the world of warcraft! see and cast spells yourself.
    also crime would be allot easyer to solve. seeing the can read your memories directly from your head. can't remember that murderers face? lets have a looky shall we?

    still it would also have it's downsides. if you ever watched Swords online you know what i mean with ppl beeing able to hack into your brains.

    still i think what the world needs right now is a small yet powerfull type of energy. so my vote goes to the next person thats able to make a mini fusion core or somethingxD
    That's...actually not how MMI's work at all (not yet anyway). MMI's, or Mind-Machine Interfaces, can only take output from the brain and digitally translate it to a screen, and only using the most basic command parameters (for example, moving a cursor on screen). They can't immerse you into a game virtual reality style, because they are not feeding mechanical/computerized data into your brain, and likewise your brain can't be "hacked" because there are no input signals being fed to it by the device. We're still a looong way away from an MMI that can digitally input as well as accept neural output, and once that happens, the likelihood of someone getting hacked is pretty much pure fantasy. At best you could disable someone's hardware, but that wouldn't disable the person themselves, as neural tissue cannot be infected with a technological virus.
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    Eternal Youth OFC! I i can live forever i most likely will get my hands on the other stuff in due time!
    And yeah i would drink it, steal the rest and kill the inventors and hide the recepie!
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    Interesting question))

    - - - Updated - - -

    I need a time to think....

    - - - Updated - - -

    I wiould like to see a lot of inventions..

    - - - Updated - - -

    time machine))

    - - - Updated - - -

    teleportation is a good idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greened View Post
    Eternal Youth Elixir only for people without kids. Only 2 kids allowed. Solved that problem quickly.
    No one dies. And i would imagine kids would want to be atleast 25-30. That means everyone stays at 25-30 years of age = they can reproduce. And if every couple has 2 kids population would dubble every 30 years. 2 kid policy only work if people then dies aswell.

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