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    [Br] "HP soaking" sparks at Will of the Emperor hc [10 man]

    Hi Monks,
    I want to ask about experience or just opinions if it is possible to soak the “titan sparks” of Rages and Strength as with a Brewmaster. We have found that a moonkin which was guardian speced (with heavy stamina gear) have done that. We would favour such a “HP-soaking” tactic, because we have no hunter/roque or other good soaking class (beside WW Monk) and can deal with the additional healing required. In addition we only raid 2 times a week and would prefer not to train (in our case maybe a “strange”) soaking rotation.
    Yesterday we made some tries with our moonkin going heavy stamina gear and guardian spec. He soaked rages and some strength sparks and we made promising progress. We just died before the first transition phase. We used a Ret. Paladin on strength adds and no melee on boss, so we can handle the adds. It seems that our DPS and our HPS output is just about ok. But me, as a Windwalker, gets some extra damage from rages while focusing adds. So we thought that it will maybe better that I soak sparks as Brewmaster and the moonkin makes damage. In addition I will be able to heal with statue and ChiWave, to help with healing. I calculated roughly that I will be able to get up to 700k+ HP as Brewmaster (have iLvl ~ 504 | iLvL 501 with T14 set bonus).

    What do other monks (I only play Brewmaster as 2nd Spec) think about “HP-soaking” as Brewmaster? Is it a viable option or do you see some drawbacks compared to a “heavy stamina” guardian druid? In my view as a cooldown I have Guard, Fortifying Brew, Zen Meditation and Diffuse Magic which is quite solid. Anybody has tips if I try this next week?

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    The spec isn't built to permanently soak, it doesn't have a spammable dmg reduction. With 700k hp, you wont die from a spark, and youll take even less dmg with a Guard Glyph, but are still going to be taking a LOT of healing. Other than that you have DM and ZM and those are the only abilities that give you the "immunity" kind of soak, but those have CD's as well.

    A far better class/spec for permanent soaking are rogues, with Feint. If you don't have such a spec/class in your raid, I'd still advise you to stay WW, and make your Balance Druid go bear, they can get MUCH bigger health pools than us if they stack Stamina, and they have the same 25% dmg reduction we do, so it would make more sense to make a Guardian do it than a BrM.

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    To reach 700k HP as BrM you will need to gem stamina. The highest I have seen my HP is at low 600k with sta food, flask, and 1 trinket. I am also a Panda Alchemist, so I receive extra stam bonuses from the food and flask. I can't break 700k in my current gear. Then again, I wouldn't want to because the idea is so ridiculously stupid it is pointless.

    What is your exact comp? I find it highly unlikely that you don't have adequate soakers.

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    I would suggest soaking as BrM, but not with such a strong stamina gearset. You can use ZM or DM or FB to soak most sets, and the remaining ones can be soaked with an external cd (pain suppression for example) or with the help of another class (if they're not an "optimal" class" for it, but can take one you can take the other with guard).

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