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    TMW number config help needed

    I'm looking for help regarding TMW. I was trying to change the font of a target debuff with stacks.
    After some fiddling around i managed to find out that it has things to do with text display. As of default one is blank, while other has Stack tag in it.
    After more fiddling around i managed to change stack font, but only due to inbuilt tag. While the duration one isn't working for me as it returns numbers as 1.1(eg.). What i can't change is that .1 part as i dont need such precision, but there appears to be no such tag or its formating. Or it may be a one that i dont know.
    Anyone that can help in getting rid of that 0.1 part?

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    Should be able to change the counter number formatting with Omnicc.

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    Thanks alot Pikapika, while it wasn't what i was hoping for, but your suggestion to look into OmniCC more thoroughly netted quite satisfying results. *handshake*

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