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    Quote Originally Posted by cyqu View Post
    if he knew what he was talking about he would have rolled a ranged class. lul
    Playing ranged. How lewd.

    Quote Originally Posted by eijin View Post
    Ahh, tera style. Ill carry that along. supposedly half my guildies are aware of this thread, yet it seems to only be me posting..
    Because I'm having to deal with yuppies at the office.

    Also, I like the WA scripts. Do they determine if he's going to do naked or thrash first, or just if the spell is queued up(meaning they need to pay attention to the swing timers)?

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    The WA just shows that the boss have a Thrash/Dread Thrash buff. The next time he swings, it will with a +2/+5, but it doesn't mean he will swing right now. It's just like Chimaeron, if your tanks remember his Double Attack/Massacre. Though chimaeron has somehow more reliable and easy to know when he will miss his double attack buff.

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