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    Had two 4x already. Even back at the start of the expac when they still went for 3k each on my server. Nowadays it kinda feels like not even worth it using the cd at 200g each...

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    Guess I had something like a 20% proc rate, x5 x4 x3 x2, all of them.

    Living Steel transmutes always feel like you dont get much, cause you only do one each day, and if it doesnt proc then, you go in 'meh, never procs..'-mode. But the proc rate is exactly the same as Potion Master and Elixir Master.

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    1/3 Of the living steel trans mutates I do are proc so

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    Both my transmute alchemists had x5 procs today

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    Had my first 2 proc

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    I've had a couple x2 and x3 on Living Steel and Trillium Bars. Got my first x5 on Living Steel yesterday. Love seeing transmute procs, especially big ones.

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    That's about the only one I had recently :

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    Had about 2 procs in 75 transmutes before i dropped alchemy for tailoring
    Both procs were x2
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    had two X2 procs, & maybe a X3 proc. but Truegold I had a fair bit more, once used it to help a guy asking for a Cd iin trade for hours, & he got 4.
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    x 5, 2 days ago on 2 different toons in one day! Was amazed. Often its x2, though its my 4th x5 on, one toon, and 3rd x5 on another.

    A friend, basically never ever procs, x2 and never higher. rng is weird.

    like my druid herber, when it herbs, amount of golden lotus it gets from herbs or plant itself is about 20 per hr. Weird. Yet it has mining and over the millions of ore mined never a single green or blue gem... but my dk a miner gets them kinda frequently. go figure :/
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    I have 14 Transmute Alchemists that I use on a daily basis at the moment and even then I sometimes go 2-3 days without a single proc, and then sometimes Ill get multiple 5 procs in the same day. It's completely random.

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    I've seen some x3 on Ghost Iron -> Trillium and see quite a few procs doing that. With living steels I made the 4 to become a Transmute Alch and then it took me about a month to earn those 4 back. I have now had 5 x2 proccs over making about 50-60 Living Steel.
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    I can confirm that it is still out there, I maybe get it once a week, maybe 1 every 1.5 weeks. Just yesterday I xmuted and got 3.

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    I've had 2 procs, one from the daily cd, the other from riddle of steel...don't remember which, but one of them was for 4 bars total

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mission View Post
    Yet it has mining and over the millions of ore mined never a single green or blue gem... but my dk a miner gets them kinda frequently. go figure :/
    Do you have the Pandaren Mining Pick on one and not the other? Because gems don't drop from MoP mining nodes without one.

    OT: I get them infrequently, but I find I get more Living Steel procs than I do any of the flask or potion procs on my other two alchemists.
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    Ok, let's add some data to this discussion. I have 10 xmute toons which have done a total of 1368 living steel transmutes. You can see in this image how many procs I got:

    14.69% of all transmutes procced at least once. Thanks to xmute spec I received 16.30% additional living steel bars (compared to a non-xmute alchemist). This percentage is slightly lower than the one of Trillium transmutes where 7268 transmutes resulted in 19.82% additional bars.

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    I have 3 transmute specs and proc all the time. Usually a few 2 procs during the week with the occasional 5.

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    a friend just send me this image..

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    I had a +5 once.

    Just once.
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    I went bout 1 month w/o a living steel proc

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