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    MW Heroic Sha of Fear 25m - should I sit?

    Hurray! Tsulong down! This seems like it was a very monk friendly fight where I was doing anywhere from 120k-145k during p1 and was easily top in heals there! I even coined my trinket and the pants dropped! One more boss to go!

    Are MWs a good choice for Sha? We have 8 core healers (2 discs, 2 pallys, 2 Druids, 1 shaman, 1 monk)

    I believe the fight is typically a 5 healer fight? Any real pointers? I will be looking at logs over the weekend by would also like opinions on the fight! Our DPS is quite strong in general so I don't really foresee any add killing issues (I hope!)

    Edit: I don't think I will be our 3rd tank either with my 491 ilvl BrM set. We have a full clear tonight so maybe I'll get my heroic dungeon belt+trink a raid item upgrade!
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    Probably, it's very uncomfortable to be standing throughout the whole raid.

    OT: As long as you are doing your job properly (i.e. keeping people alive), no you should not.

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    by no means am i a expert of the healing class's or the fight itself but from the logs ive seen from sha you should probably sit the 2 druids and i THINK we 6heal it 2monk 2disc 1hpally 1rsham

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    When we looked at healer viability for Sha back in November, there were 3 criteria:

    1.) Most importantly - how well you can play on an archer platform. Mobility and awareness were the two most important things here. Mobility to pick up orbs, awareness to see where they are and avoid the spray. Monks have the highest mobility of all healers and awareness is class-independent.

    2.) How well you can keep huddle targets up. This becomes very important shortly after phase 2 starts because you can't actually dispel huddle with ball tossing after the waves of 2 unlike in 10man. So when three other healers are huddled and it's just down to you + one other healer, would you be able to keep the huddle targets and the tank alive? I'm not terribly certain where monks stand on this. I know revival is a kickass cooldown to use here, and if you've been spreading your hots well and can uplift a couple times, you certainly outmatch most other healers at this part.

    3.) Least important - burst tank healing. Monks seem to be pretty good at this too, maybe not as good as paladins or what not but we ended up giving all of our light of day orbs to our monk who usually did like 200 mil healing by himself to Tsulong alone.

    We 4-healed the fight due to dps constraints back then, and used a monk healer. The fight is designed well enough that pretty much any healer is viable, imo, take the player not the class. Ignore the healing meters - it's quite obvious some disc priest or resto shaman will win the meters with all the aoe healing going on from sha spines, but the three important criteria are outlined above, not how well you can pad.

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