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    Stuck On "Updating Blizzard Launcher"

    Has this happened to anyone? Every time I try to launch the game, the "Updating Blizzard Launcher" things comes up and then freezes a little more than halfway through.

    It was working completely fine last night until it froze and signed me out. I closed the game down completely and tried launching it again only to encounter this problem. I thought it would go away over night, but it didn't.

    Any advice?

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    Run with your CD, always fixed it for me.

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    What you might want to do with the launcher closed down, is navigate to C:\ProgramData and then just outright delete the Battle.net folder. Then, right-click and run the launcher as administrator and you should be all set. If not, you might want to chat with us directly.

    Let me know if this helped you!

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