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    Quote Originally Posted by Chry View Post

    The only difference is that Blizzard is now LOSING subscribers, not GAINING.
    What do you expect? There's a finite number of persons interested in MMO Gaming, i'm pretty sure they weren't delusional enough to expect a growing playerbase indefinitively. Meanwhile they "only" hold as many subscribers than ALL their competitors combined, game is doomed.

    And yes, quality of content is very opinion related and really depends on what level you play, if you think most BC raiders remotely enjoyed Naxx, ToGC or ICC (outside H:LK) during the massive nerfs (or buff however you see it), you're wrong.

    And how is it apples to oranges, yes Mcdonalds is cheaper, but i can promise you, you could put 2 plates in front of a line of people, for the same price, one is high quality food and the other is Mcdonalds, a LOT of people would still chose Mcdonalds (just using that brand for example, fast food as a whole is the same), since its faster (don't need a fork or anything) or "better" in their eyes (obviously i guess a metric ton of sugar, salt and fat is good) and doesn't require any culinary background to appreciate.

    Same can be said for gaming. Instant gratification with the lowest possible amount of efforts for shitty rewards is more appealing than having to research and learn how to play your character to overcome big challenges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chry View Post
    Actually, a quality story does a lot better than quality mechanics to tell the story. Not sure how you're not seeing the connection, but a good story correlates with a quality game.
    You can make a story about anything interesting if you do it right. The subject is irrelevant.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    WoW is dying.. and the world is gonna end in 2012!...oh wait....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chry View Post

    Just because they can tell a story doesn't mean it's a good story.
    Or in the method that players enjoy and not all players care about the story as much as game play.

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    Hi from Germany,

    okay, at first i don't know on which statistics the 500k are based on, maybe the mostly where lost in CN or whatever. I mean, there could be a lot of reasons... they are going down because someone would like to show real data about subscribers and they are based on a "now" realistic count System (The question is: were 12 Million ever a correct calculation?) or saisonal Problems or could it be in the mechanic?

    I yust could explain my opinion about a Problem in the whole System.

    At first, the dev / Quest and design Team did a really great Job on Mists of Pandaria, it is a really huge addon and made with love für Details further showed up a great programming experience.

    Blizzard does sometimes don't know borders. At Cataclysm they didn't put enough Content in it, you had to grind stupid dailys ever and every day and really nothing Special happens for months.

    On Mists of Pandaria they put so much Content and dailys in it that most People thought:
    "Well okay, i don't want to do hours a day on dailys or farm hours for my buffod it is really really to much, i quit i would like to have a reallife, maybe the next patch i will come back".

    The Quit reason is pretty simple, what Blizzard do is to take the sense of World of Warcraft. Mists of Pandaria has the bad Feeling that all what you do is for nothing. You grind the Instances and get Blue gear ..okay, you grind the lfr and get epic gear, you grind the normal raid and get normal epics, you grind the hc raid and get hc gear.

    And now the Problem: IT IS TO MUCH CONTENT, you have to raid so extreme hours and most guilds havent even cleared the normal raid, you have so much bosses and tactics and in exact this time Blizzard come and say...

    Here we go there is Patch 5.2 with ne raids, new gear and new dailys.

    Is it not totally understandable that this is the Moment when most Player quit? There isnt a sense anymore, you haven't cleard the normal raid and there Comes the next raid? Random Raiding is mostly dead, you havent the Chance to kill a Boss like Garalon with a total random raid! MOP is the first Content as Long time where you have to ask for a gearscore.

    I really really know that Blizzard would like to Show that they Held what they told us.."More Content". But this is to much, you Need so much time as raidleader to learn all the taticts and tell them the others, to many bosses and to hard bosses.

    In my Opinion the hardest MOP Fails are.
    - To much and to complexe Boss mechanics in raids
    - To much grinding (Dailys, Raids, Factions, Indegrients)
    - To expensive Content like the massive buffod Prices
    - To much Indegrients for cooking
    - GMs aren't mostly your friends anymore now they are more Service than the gods in blue
    - To fast new Content
    - A bad communication between different countries and the US DEV Team.
    - Really Huge Problems and scandals in some of the EU Communitys, but no one to tell from it in the us


    Deex / EU Die - Aldor

    PS: I Know it is really strange, Blizzard put so many work in it and there Comes someone who said "It's to much", i mean, People always must see a Goal of there time in it and that is missing in this Moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    Same can be said for gaming. Instant gratification with the lowest possible amount of efforts for shitty rewards is more appealing than having to research and learn how to play your character to overcome big challenges.
    Not sure how it is any different today than it was during WotLK, other than welfare loot being handed out at an extraordinary rate (LFR)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    The only way to solve them is to merge servers and create strong communities again.
    I don't think that would do it. From my perspective, the community has been a lost cause since... I want to say patch 3.2? Cross-realm battlegrounds started it, and the dungeon finder tool finished it.

    What do I mean? Once dungeon finder was added to the game, you didn't have to talk to anyone in order to group up for dungeon content. I'd log in to run a dungeon or two, to find that all the people I'd normally do that with have already done all they needed via the dungeon finder. So my choice was "run with strangers" or "give up". My raiding group ended up being the only folks I saw regularly... and then the raid finder put an end to that, for basically the same reason.

    In Pandaria, I ran heroics long enough to qualify for raid finder, and raid finder long enough to stick a legendary gem in my sha-touched weapon. Now, I basically do nothing but level alts, work the Halfhill farm, and hunt in pre-Cata content for transmog gear. And that's all solo, because I am sick to death of strangers, but there's no tolerable community to connect with. Not sure I'll hold out for patch 5.2, haven't decided yet.

    I just don't see there being any way at all for the communities to get strong again. I could be wrong though; we'll have to wait and see.

    That's not to say the game will die. I think there'll be more and more solo and dungeon/raid-finder style stuff for a bit. But it won't be what it was.

    (As for whether I'm a "wrath baby" or whatever: been playing since the game's original beta, and was an alpha tester for TBC. My favorite patch was the one that added Naxxramas and the tier 0.5 or "dungeon 2" content. That was some work, but was extremely satisfying for me. Loved it. Enjoyed TBC up through Karazhan, enjoyed WotLK up through Ulduar, hated Cata, "meh" about Pandaria.)

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    off by 300k. damn. usually im get it right on or off only by >100k!

    anyways, THAT'S IT! WOW IS DYING! lol i'm laughing at all those saying that. it was dying during cata if i remember correctly. maybe for all those hater hopefuls, wow will drop to 8.5m by the end of this xpac. /snicker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedda View Post
    Think of WoW as a human being. At the moment wow has just hit 50, still got a lifespan for another 30 years. My guess is one or two more expantion and it craps out.

    You realize EQ just released its 19th expansion. No one plays it and its crap. WoW is not gonna die out any time soon. They have said countless times as long as there enough people willing to play they will make content. Of course it will not be top tier content with tons of patches like current if they get to EQ levels but if they are making a profit they will still produce for it.

    According to these forums WoW was dead when the Cata losses hit. The it went back up to 10M+. It is still near 10M. For an 8 year old game that charges a sub fee that is amazing.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    + the extra ppl that are still subbed but have quit (unfortunatly i still have to pay for another month damm anuall pass)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drekmar View Post
    Good, one wotlk kid less. People nowadays expect to get everything for free without putting in any effort.

    He would have never made in in Vanilla or TBC. WoW is not grindy. If he and other think this is a grindfest they have no clue what grinding means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whirlwinds View Post
    + the extra ppl that are still subbed but have quit (unfortunatly i still have to pay for another month damm anuall pass)
    you do know all you have to do to get out of the pass is either call blizzard and ask them or just take the credit card off your account right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Assumi View Post
    God you fanboys never quit.

    And, hates are always gonna hate.

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    so what, a few million left, i'm still enjoying playing the game, and love what Mists of Pandaria is offering. In fact., i'd prefer it if more people left because it would give Blizzard to build even better expansions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JhanZ View Post
    You don't have any common sense. That's why I call you a fanboy. Because you're too blinded to see what's so obvious with a little thought put into it.

    Cata lost subs because of a lack of content. That's logical and expected to happen in any game. Guess what just happened? Sub loss WITH content. What do you think that means? That means they are in deep shit, because even if they pump out content on a regular basis, people are giving less of a fuck more and more.

    This is so obvious to see but apparently you can't wrap your head around it.
    You assume so much in the sub losses. How many of them were from each region? How many of them were on their initial 30 day free month? How many of those actually had MoP? How many had Cata? How many of them were banned accounts? You have no way of knowing why any of those subs were gone, and assuming doesn't make you look like you have any more common sense.

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    Like someone said: "WoW is still a good game, but lost its soul."

    During TBC for example, if your gear sucked you had to be a good player to get in a good group to finally get your hands in shiny purples.
    Now with Blizzard policy when everyone must access the new content it's like I do my aoe raids on LFR's and I'm not willing to do a proper raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laplacedemon View Post
    This makes me wonder about the demographics of players. How many of them have jobs/families which prevent them playing for long times and how many of them are doing dailies...

    Generally speaking, "What about the people without that much time?!" isn't really a good argument for game design though.
    It depends.

    The people who were 17yo kids in BC are now 24yo and starting a family. That's a major difference.

    People who say the game was better in BC are missing the point. Blizzard can try to attract new 17yolds, or try to keep the 24yolds. But either way the game needs to evolve to cope with the developing player base.

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    Diablo III was the #1 best-selling PC game at retail, breaking PC-game sales records with more than 12 million copies sold worldwide through December 31, 2012.

    I'm still in shock. D3 is not a horrible game by any means but ... ugh, so much potential wasted.

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    I enjoy MoP and think it's one of the best addons they ever made. You guys are all just very very nostalgic and forget how bugged (vanilla), hardcore-only (BC), repetive (WotlK) and boring (Cata) the old addons where compared to MoP. MoP has hardcore Hardmodes, supereasy LFR, medium normal modes and tons of stuff to do if you want (farm, pet battles, dailys, 5 mans, scenarios and so on).

    The average age of MMOPRG players 2004 was 22 years. Now add 8 years. What changes from 22-30? Right - your family. You have kids, your career peaks, you are VERY busy -> much less time for Computer games.

    So many who started with vanilla had to stop playing or reduce their playtime. Turned from "hardcore" to "casual". And after 8 years, 13 T-sets, 200+ mounts and pets the game is not that exciting anymore. That's not Blizzards fault. It's just what happens to any old game. They peak and what is left is a hardcore fanbase and a few casuals.

    Did anyone really expect that WoW will have 10+ million subscriptions for 10+ years in a row? Come on, get real. WoW will still be played in 5 years, maybe with only 3-4 million subs. But that's still more than enough to make good money with that game and support it with content patches.

    So, calm down everyone.

    WoW haters: This will not kill WoW, but it's a sign that the golden age of that game are over.

    WoW lovers: This is a significant drop and Blizzard does not like it, but it was expected and will continue.

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