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    Killswitch Engage - The Arms Of Sorrow

    Tho it's mostly the song of a player who mistakenly rolled lock and now wants to play as a holy pally or a holy priest. Prolly I'm wrong and didn't read something among the lines. Nevertheless this is a very warlocky song.

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    Starts at 1:14

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfen View Post
    2nding this. Even if it was by xelnath. I like the song simply because of richard. =3 such a nice fellow
    Richard's got my vote =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabidewok View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Avenger View Post
    Awaken -by- Dethklok

    This has to be the Warlock theme song, there's no other logical choice.
    i love it!!! this is it!

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    Being a demo lock, I've always loved White Zombie's Super-charger Heaven / watch?v=SRshPCM9lhk

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    Guys - Paradise Lost - Embers Fire

    it's the definitive anthem of all Warlocks:

    Just take a look at the lyrics - it's pure beauty:

    A fallen time that's bygone
    A crude elite that's from a distant zone
    You turn a blind eye on what's `brave'
    You don't know if it's the truth you told

    Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
    Seals the sense incandescent ones

    Hold back desire for danger
    A bet you lose, you'll have no way to turn
    I see the man who lives and breathes corruption
    Into a circle that you call your own

    Don't run away, from th pain. A claim that you deal with
    A power game, from within. Impossible for you to see this

    Laid down the laws of deceit
    The ones who cherish are the ones who'll go
    Into the ashes of a tortured world
    Only in mind's eye can you see a light

    Harmony breaks, dark awakes, in old eyes - the trouble feel it
    Here to stay, mark the way, improvise the judgement hearing

    Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
    Seals the sense incandescent ones

    All remains of the glowing embers
    Is a bleak cold irrelevance

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    Well, I can't seem to bring a particular song to mind, but if someone were to compose one, I could almost hear a chorus of moaning miserable lost souls over the crackles and humming of a raging fire with maybe some morbid hand bells in the foreground... /gasp

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    well all you need to do is go to youtube and make a search for epic music, any music will do really, as long as its epic, coz thats what we are, epic.

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    Oldtimers will know ^^ or pretty much any Tool song, Tool are awesome...
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    I'd go with Behemoth - Ov Fire And The Void


    I the Sun ov man
    the offspring ov the stellar race
    my halo fallen and crushed upon the earth
    that I may bring balance to this world

    I son ov perdition
    from sheer nothingness transgressed
    unto the highest self - to utmost freedom
    to explore the starry nature ov my rage

    I pulse ov existence
    the law ov nature undenied
    I hold the torch ov Heraclites
    so I can shake the earth and move the suns

    I divine Iconoclast
    injecting chaos into my veins
    with life accepted
    with pain resurrected
    is the embrace ov god in man profound

    the joy ov a dawn
    the ecstasy ov dusk
    nourished have I this karmic flow
    where great above meets great below
    let it be written!
    let it be done!
    scattered I walk towards the fractured light
    Violence awaits. You can burn with me in hell. Viva la hate!

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    I like the theme of this. Deep and dark.
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    so its either metal with painted faces people shouting with their throats
    Heidi Montag.

    hmmm still not sure

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    Something with the WUB WUB WUB u know what I mean

    Made by dubbelbasse

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