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    Exclamation New Custom Built PC ($2K) - Problems with World of Warcraft but no other game

    Hello All,

    I've been an active reader of MMO-Champion for quite some time now. I've scrawled all my options and after talking to blizzard tech support without any achievement; I wanted to see if any community forumers could possibly tell me what's wrong.

    I have a new PC mid tower Corsair 600T. Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge OC to 4.0 (from 3.6) liquid cooled. I have a nVidia GTX 650 1GB vCard which is also OC. 16GB of G. Skill ram, 2Tb of Hddrive. My network runs on two "antennas" which are placed on opposites sides of my room and my link speed is 144mbs while speed test shows 60+ download 20+ upload.

    I can play WoW on ultra settings using 1920x1080 on a 24". World pvp with more than 100 players in one area, big BG's like AV and heroic dungeons. And LFR runs smoothly at 60 fps on ultra.

    Now here is where the problem is, I transferred to Emerald Dream (I'm a world ranking elemental shaman) and as soon as I go into our 25 man raid settings, Everything absolutely goes horrendous, graphics get choppy on the lowest settings, FPS drops to 4-6 fps even on simple trash pulls. And as I burst I can only see like a frame every 1 second and pray that I'm actually bursting while spamming my buttons. I have a 2-3 second delay (I'm assuming because of the gpu) with 21MS so on heroic Blade Lord I have to judge and time everything on my own and 90% survive without getting one shot. Oh and I turned my screen res down to 1024x800 wide the lowest possible screen res where one button is the size of a golfball on my screen, it's terrible.

    What is going on? Last night I almost rage quit because I hate doing 90k on heroic encounters when I know I can top dps meters effectively. 74k on heroic blade lord isn't cutting it (though other guildies say I was doing 90k).

    I'm honestly beside myself, I don't know what to do, I can't buy a new vCard because I'm already $97,000 in debt with college and everything.

    All video cards, bios and everything have the latest drivers and software.

    Comments, suggestions, advice, halp? I would appreciate it so much ill add a special thanks to the digital film we are creating for film festivals (we will add your real or forum name upon private request for helping us with "PC" problems).

    <Reunited> Emerald Dream
    Horde Elemental Shaman

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    Perhaps something went wrong with your addons when you transferred to a new server?
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    $2k and a 650? dafuq.

    Might be an addon problem as suggested before. You could also try clearing data cache.

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    turn recount / omen or any other combat log parsing addon's off. see if that helps.
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    Couldnt be arsed to read the whole post but it looked similar issue to my friend, he should be able to run wow on ultra but had like 30 dps on medium...

    It always comes down to out of date addons, addons addons addons

    No but seriously update them.

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    - I've tried the default Blizzard UI both at 1920x1080 and the lowest resolution 1024x800 (wide) at low settings, same thing.

    - I've also turned of Recount during combat last night, same thing.

    + I will try deleting the data cache and Addons folder, reinstalling all the addons.

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    Definitely sounds like a similar issue I was having that was being caused by a corrupt WTF folder and some bad add-ons. Sometimes if you have a really old install, you may want to download a fresh copy of the game while you're at it. You can force it to download the areas you need right away by going to those places ahead of time. Best of luck!

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    For 2k you could've got a GTX 680/3770k... who ever sold it to you ripped you off, annnyyywayyy.

    25m on ultra? of course it's going to get choppy... My PC (dets in sig) goes to about 20-40fps in a 25m if I keep it on Ultra.

    Advice, you can keep 1080p just run everything low except for partical effects so you can actually see what's going on. If you still get choppy FPS re-install wow and set up your add-ons again.

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