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    [H] Moonglade <Fraction> Recruiting for raiding\\10 man|2 days/week|semi-hardcore//

    <Fraction>, Moonglade EU, is welcoming you guys and gals out there who want to continue our progress in the current raids.

    The guild has existed since january 2012 and has kept raiding actively up until now.
    Our progress is currently MsV: 6/6, HoF 3/6.

    We've had some problems lately in lack of attendance caused by this busy time of the year, but are now starting to raid more steadily because of help from outside the guild. However we would like to make our raids 100% Fraction, and we therefore need more raiders. Most important qualities we're looking for is players who are active and knows their class inside out.

    What are we missing in our raid team?

    High priority

    Death Knight

    Warrior/Death Knight/Monk/Paladin

    Low priority


    1 Monk/Shaman/Paladin

    We're always looking for skilled players, so you can still throw in an apply despite your class/role isn't mentioned above

    Raid schedule
    (Server time)
    Wednsday 20:00 - 23:00
    Sunday 20:00 - 23:00
    However you should be online 19:45 so first pull can take place at 20:00.

    We have a Mumble server for voice communication when we are raiding or whenever we want to have a laugh. It's not necessary to have a mic, as long as you can listen.

    You can Whisper me (Lunaflorecer) in game if you have any questions, or you can go straight to our website: fraction-eu.com, and throw in an application. If you want to join as a social member, just whisper me (Lunaflorecer) in game
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    aaaand the big BUMP

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