10 man raiding guild on Outland
LF 4-5 DPS to alleviate cancelled raids

We have a relaxed attitude towards raiding; however, we'd like to think that we are progress driven.

Last expansion all HC encounters and Glory of the Raider achievements were obtained.

Most people in the guild have played together for at least 3 years, and everyone is 20+ years of age (we'd like to think that we are mature).

Recently raiding has become a little stale (a few members have decided to take a back seat), which has unfortunately lead to a halt to our progress i.e. cancelled raids.

So we are looking to recruit **up to 5** members to bolster the ranks and kick on through the current and the coming new raiding content.

We raid (server time) 21:00 - 0:00 Monday - Thursday, and would expect at least 50-75% signup attendance from new recruits.
We operate on a rotation principle (when there are actually people to rotate), and try to be as fair as possible in this regards.

What we are looking for:

Mainly we are short of DPS although all classes and specs will be considered. we have a core healing and tank team, but we are very flexible and can fill other roles just as easily.

We also have a casual (non-raiding) rank in the guild for family members etc, so we can accommodate a certain amount of player baggage.

To apply, please head to our website below and make an application there. Or for more information, feel free to whisper me in game.

Website: incinerate *dot* larre *dot* nu