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    [A](10M) <Godless> Lightbringer 6/6 (H) 4/6 (H) 4/4 is recruiting.


    <Godless> on Lightbringer is looking for mature, exceptionally talented and determined players to boost our ranks for MoP Raids! (and beyond)

    We are an extremely stable guild (Godless was founded the day Lightbringer opened and we are still here!) We have been on the forefront of raiding since founding.

    With an enjoyable and mature guild atmosphere, and a highly dedicated roster we have achieved success throughout the game.

    Current Progress :
    T11: 13/13hc
    T12: 7/7hc
    T13: 8/8hc
    T14: 6/6 (H) 4/6 (H) 4/4

    Due to some core players leaving we are currently recruiting :

    Priests: Inquire
    Paladins: Open (Holy pref.)
    Druids: Inquire
    Rogues: Open
    Warriors: Inquire
    Death Knights: Inquire
    Mages: Inquire
    Warlocks: Open
    Hunters: Open
    Shaman: Inquire (Resto considered)

    **Capability to lead raids is considered a big plus**
    Note: Regardless of our recruitment status, players of exceptional gear and skill will always be considered.

    Overall Goal:
    Our goal is to remain at the forefront of content, while maintaining a friendly enjoyable guild atmosphere.

    Raid Schedule:
    We raid 20:30 Wednesday evenings, During progress our raid days will extended adding in 1 or 2 more days.

    If you cannot take a joke, we are not the guild for you. If you are not willing to wipe repeatedly and push yourself to beat new encounters, we are not the guild for you. If you can't learn from your mistakes and work to improve upon them, we are not the guild for you. If you are the kind of person who cannot work as part of a team and take constructive advice and criticism, this guild is not for you. If you can't behave mature and represent our guild in a proper manner, we are definitely not the guild for you.

    Basic Requirements :
    - Being able to attend a majority of our raids.
    - Understanding new encounters before the raid.
    - Able to bring the required consumables every raid. Flasks Elixirs etc
    - Optimal PvE enchants and the best quality gems on ALL sockets.
    - Extensive class knowledge.
    - Good situational awareness and fast reaction times are a must.
    - You are able to take criticism and feedback on your performance.
    - You are not planning on quitting WoW for the next 6 months. We want stable reliable players.
    - You are able to fully understand spoken English and use Mumble during raids (Though speaking isn't a requirement).

    Gear & Experience:
    You must have appropriate gear and experience. Please include a link to your Armory profile in your application. Your gear must be optimally gemmed and enchanted. Your gear should clearly demonstrate your understanding of your class and role, as well as your dedication to improving your character. Be prepared to have your gear choices critiqued and questioned, including gemming and enchanting choices.

    People who take the time to post an intelligent and well thought out application are those who we take seriously. Please do not post a '5 minute job' application and expect us to read it, let alone accept it.

    You must understand strategies and perform your role effectively. You must understand instructions and perform according. You need to be able to communicate. If you do not understand something, we expect you to ask about it. We analyze your performance through general observations during raids, we have a high but reachable expectation. You should constantly strive to improve and make yourself stand out. You are expected to have appropriate consumables every raid.

    You must prove that you'll not only be a capable raider, but a great person to be guilded with. We expect recruits to be constantly interacting with members, and show they have the right attitude to be a part of our guild.

    During a recruitment period of at least two weeks, your performance will be constantly judged by our leaders. You may be cut at any time during recruitment should you fail to meet our requirements. If you make the full tryout period, then the leading core will vote on whether to allow you in the guild.

    A reminder:
    Whilst there is no age requirement within the guild, we do expect people to behave in a sensible manner and act with a degree of decorum.

    What we are NOT looking for:
    - People who would prioritize PvP over raids.
    - People plagued by persistent PC/connection issues. Sorry, most likely not your fault, but it just doesn't work in the long run.
    - People who don't have control over their lives / raid times. Getting the plug pulled by parents, having to constantly go AFK to do stuff etc, is a big NO.

    If you feel you meet all of the above, please head on over to our website www.godless-guild.com - For further information, feel free to whisper an officer or the GM, or ask any member to redirect you.

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    Bump, still recruiting

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    Got some room for some skilled players

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