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    Answer to your Ret PVP Problems

    We all know ret is in a bad spot.
    We all know blizz thinks we are in a good spot.
    We all know that (as a dps spec) blizz keeps buffing and nerfing our heals to try and pacify us.
    What healing spec gets dps adjustments when their spec is struggling? NADA.
    This is a trend that is looking grim for this expansion.
    So i have pondered and struggled with what to do and I have found the light!

    dont jump on the omg troll bandwagon just yet. hear me out.

    Sustained dmg is tremendously better and anyone who has been in a bg with a decently geared frost dk knows that.
    Dmg cooldowns are better. Pillar is a 20% strength buff on a 1 min cd and has very little visual que which leads to less cc focus during it.
    Avenging wrath is a 20% total dmg buff on a 5 min cd with a VERY VISUAL animation which means total cc lockdown by a good opponent during it.
    CC is gonna be much better come 5.2 when asphxiate goes on a baseline 30sec cd. plus remorseless slowing AND stunning. plus snaring and slowing with chains. and deathgripping all the while as well(which i use as an interupt also)
    Rets only have hammer and a snare and a blind that u cant dmg thru.
    Defensively dks are better as well. Full magic absorbtion on a 45 sec cd via ams which cant be shattered. 50% hp heal every 2 min with raise dead + death pact.(thats better then loh cause now loh only heals for about 75% every 10 min) Icebound is basically a 3 min cd stun trinket coupled with 20% dmg reduction for 12 secs. lichbourne heal from full runic power can full heal u also.
    Rets historically can do lots of self healing, so everyone is set in their ways with the mentality of(rets can heal awesome) but with this expansion thats only really true if we are healing someone other than ourself. And whats the good of that when we cant keep ourself up long enough for that strategy to be implemented i ask? wogs are like 30k on ourself, and it takes 12 secounds to build enough holy power to even do that. AND that takes away our best dmg ability to boot. You can only cast 3 fol on yourself before u go oom, which all hit for around 40k. but if u do that u take away your ability to do ANYTHING lol. Loh is lol cause u might get 2 off before a bg ends and u cant even use it in arenas. Basically anyone who plays ret currently knows our heals bites.

    Anyways what im trying to get at is I love my paladin but its just not gonna happen this expansion. If u want to feel like the paladins of old then just bite the bullet and roll a frost dk, Many ranged attacks on a plated class that has better cds and WAY BETTER DMG. and also u can actually find an rbg team.

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    There's not much place for discussion in this thread, and there are already several open threads about Ret PvP. Closing.


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