Who are we?

We are a guild which was formed to house our alts back in WotLK while we were raiding hardcore four nights a week.
We are a small diverse and close knit community who are looking to enjoy Mists of Pandaria to the fullest.
We realize the game has changed and there is a demand for smaller guilds such as ours who can offer light and casual yet enjoyable raiding.

Raiding expectations?

We will not hold any player to ransom over there item level, We will jusge players by playing with them wether it is a five man heroic or LFR.
All we want is for you to be punctual, prepared and willing to put in the same amount of effort as your guild mates.
Previous experience is great but not needed as you can learn the fundementals whith the group so do not be discouraged if you have never raided before.

When will we raid?

We have no times set in stone and are hoping to remain as flexible as possible for all guild members.
The only thing for sure is we will be raiding two nights a week for three hours per evening.
Most of us have jobs through the day so daytime raiding during the week will most likely never happen.

How do you contact us?

You can reply on these boards are poke us in game on our toons, Romandix, Kárinda, Duteefree or Fablez.

Alternatively you can get in touch on Facebook @ WAINC Turalyon or Email : [email protected]

We hope to see you in game soon!