<The Forgotten Chapter> 10man guild is currently looking for a paladin/monk (with warriors being considered) for continued raiding into 5.2!

About us:

<The Forgotten Chapter> was founded by a group of friends in May of 2010, and has since then been vying for top 3 on the server Argent Dawn. We raid 3 times a week
Mon 20-23
Wed 20-23
Sun 19-23

With a 10 hour per week schedule we cannot afford to prance about and take the few hours we have seriously, and wish for you to do the same while still having fun raiding!


We are currently looking for a strong tank, preferably Paladin or Monk, but warriors will be considered as well. The role you will fill is either as a maintank or as an offtank depending on your preference, but either way an up-to-date offspec will be required (unless something changes drastically, a dps offspec is highly recommended). As always, being able to communicate on vent/TS is mandatory, so you will need to have a working headset/mic and atleast passable english (we do have -scots- in the guild, so we have a very broad definition of understandable english).

This is a recruitment primarily for 5.2 (of course we'd like you to join as soon as possible!) so your current tier progress doesnt matter much, and cata/wotlk experience will be viewed in high regard. Although there wont be a gearreset between patches, gearing up in the current tier shouldnt be an issue.

If you are interested, head over to our forums at


or just contact Deyta or any officer in-game (if for whatever reason you do not wish to make an application, in-game chat + a few minutes on vent will be more than enough ^^).