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    Vocab words you learned from WoW

    Over the years of playing warcraft 3 and WoW I came across some words I didn't already learn in school and college.

    Words like

    What are your list of words you've encountered that you haven't previously known?

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    imbibe, imbibed, imbiber


    WoW Usage

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    Ecclesiastical. I still can't pronouce it but I was able to kind of sort of figure out what it means because it was a pally plate chest piece from tBC.
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    I'm not sure that I actually learned any words from WoW, although it certainly added quite a few to my normal word usage.

    I did, however, learn how to spell absorption correctly!

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    Labrys. Came in handy for an art history class, so I can thank WoW for about 4 points on a test a while ago. I would have learned a lot more weapon/armor names from it, but I picked most of that up from Diablo 2 beforehand.

    edit: nvm Labrys is actually D3

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    What's funny to me is hearing so many people mispronounce these words on vent. It is not 'Ay-gee-iss' it's 'Ay-jiss' (Aegis).

    Learning words from games is nothing new...way, way back in the very early 80s I learned the word 'Quaff' from Rogue. Potion use was bound to the Q key, for quaff.
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    Hmmm, if I have learned any word from this game it was probably "setback".

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    None, because I am educated.
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    Only thing I ever really picked up wasn't so much a word but a phrase, and it wasn't in WoW but more because of WoW. "Point of Inflection" from god ol' Elitist Jerks while discussing rogues.

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    chapeau is french for hat

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    Alas. Im finnish and in our language it means "going down" or "down". I kinda like that word.

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    Does Loktar Ogar count?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsz View Post
    None, because I am educated.
    Good joke, I lol'd.

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    Stoicism is one I specifically remember picking up from WoW, probably quite a few more that I don't realize now.
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    English isnt my native language, so I think I may have learned a lot.

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    Slightly out there, but "Go'el". Looked it up the first day I heard it used in WoW because it seemed too stupid to be fake. It was a Hebrew word for "redeemer". In biblical times, it also was the designated term for the one who bought someone (usually a relative saving their kin) from slavery. Thrall and the Orcs. Oh, but wait! We all know what "Thrall" means, too! Oh, wait. I learned that one from Warcraft when I was 12 also. (I knew "enthralled" but never thought of it as a noun, I guess)

    It is a very blatant-in-an-archaic-way reference, but very fascinating to me the way these references can even be found. I still think it's stupid, but I appreciate Green Jesus's second name a bit more.

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    Countless words, I've been playing wow seine I was 9
    heh...German almost works
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    I didn't learn any words from WoW, but I did pick up "templar" from SC1. I won that game of Hangman in third grade nicely!
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    Countless words, I've been playing wow seine I was 9, by the time I was 11 I could spell, pronounce, and define MANY of the words in the game and it helped me excel at English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsz View Post
    None, because I am educated.
    And repulsively arrogant. I am sure there was at least one word you were unfamiliar with enough to look up. If there wasn't, you haven't been paying attention to the game to begin with.

    The one that comes to mind for myself was "anathema." For a long while, I just thought it was a name. Until I read about it several years ago in a thread of commonly mispronounced words in WoW. When I heard the proper pronunciation it just sort of hit me that it really didn't sound like "just a name" anymore.
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    WoW learned me to speak english, honestly (ain't nativly english)
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