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    This was a new one for me as well. I'm actually surprised it took me as long as it did to look it up after seeing it on PvP gear for a couple of years.
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    Oh man, way too many to count. Although many of the vocab I probably learned in earlier RPGs like Diablo 2 or even DnD.
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    WoW marks the first time I've ever seen "Bad" or "Terrible" used as a noun.

    i.e. "Man, that guy is a Bad." or "Oh no, the Terribles are out in full force this weekend."

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    Bulwark's a good one, that's all I can come up with lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    And repulsively arrogant. I am sure there was at least one word you were unfamiliar with enough to look up. If there wasn't, you haven't been paying attention to the game to begin with.

    The one that comes to mind for myself was "anathema." For a long while, I just thought it was a name. Until I read about it several years ago in a thread of commonly mispronounced words in WoW. When I heard the proper pronunciation it just sort of hit me that it really didn't sound like "just a name" anymore.
    It's not really repulsively arrogant....there shouldn't any particulalry confusing / unfamiliar words used in WoW if you are a native English speaker and have had some form of decent education

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attackrabbit View Post
    It's not really repulsively arrogant....there shouldn't any particulalry confusing / unfamiliar words used in WoW if you are a native English speaker and have had some form of decent education
    Depends on where you live, not every english-speaking country provides education to their general population as good as the UK, that's a commonly known fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavoo View Post
    English isnt my native language, so I think I may have learned a lot.
    same here

    I also used to talk wow lingo at work or with friends who don't play and they used to stare at me like I'm crazy.

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    I learned words such as "Elite", "Loot" , "Buckler" , "Shiv" , "Fortitude" , "Ore" , "Vein"(Minining Wise), "Smelt" , "Chastise" and the list goes on. Sure you might say these words are simple, but I was only 10 and English isn't my first language. Spaniard/Italian here and moved to U.S. in Middle School, my english was better than many of my grade thanks to World of Warcraft.

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    Although I've probably learned a ton I can't recall offhand, there was one item that taught me two: Gloaming Sark. It's an actual item that drops off Halion. I thought they were just making up words...but they're real.

    "Gloaming" is basically just another way to say "twilight" means "the time after sunset and before dark", and "sark" is the scottish word for "shirt", apparently. So Gloaming Sark means "Twilight Shirt".

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    Quote Originally Posted by PunisherQc View Post
    WoW learned me to speak english, honestly (ain't nativly english)
    I'll just give you a pointer, use "taught" instead of "learned" in that sentence. Not trying to be a grammar cop, just trying to help =)

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    WoW taught me what p.u.g. means.

    Wyrm, too.

    Hippogryph is one that I learned about a week before I started playing WoW, by reading the book "Jerusalem Delivered." However, WoW gave me a picture to that word!

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    Wow taught me the word: queue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivin View Post
    I'm not sure that I actually learned any words from WoW, although it certainly added quite a few to my normal word usage.

    I did, however, learn how to spell absorption correctly!
    What's even cooler is knowing the difference between absorption and adsorption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attackrabbit View Post
    It's not really repulsively arrogant....there shouldn't any particulalry confusing / unfamiliar words used in WoW if you are a native English speaker and have had some form of decent education
    That's not true. There's a bunch of armor terminology that even the most dedicated SAT/GED verbal studier AND AD&D player won't have come across. And I scored 780 on my GRE verbal back in 1991.

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    Greaves, pauldrons, and various other obscure names for armor. Also grifter =P

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    I'm not sure I've heard any words in WoW that I haven't heard before, but I have perhaps not known exactly what some of them really mean, and seeing them in game has made me look them up, so it has certainly improved my knowledege of certain words

    While thinking about this thread, and some comments a user made about pronunciation of certain words, it made me have a quick google and I found this site quite handy actually and makes you realise how you've been pronouncing certain words rather strangely for years haha.

    But I thought, wouldn't it be awesome if Blizzard did a similar website for Azerothian words, *Talking Dictionary of Azerothian Pronunciation* I would love that For years I thought of Tyrande as Tie rand (god knows why) until I realised it was Ti ran day Would love Blizz to do something like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Ecclesiastical. I still can't pronouce it but I was able to kind of sort of figure out what it means because it was a pally plate chest piece from tBC.
    Just for you! (I admit it looks like a tongue twister of a word and I wouldn't have known how to say it if it wasn't for hearing someone else use it before.

    I'm loving this website though.. no more pronouncing things wrong for me! Can't say the same for my spelling though...(I blame my fingers :P)

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    And if its from another game or started from a variety of different game players, I don't care - learnt it in WoW.
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    We were eating dinner for a friend's birthday and he spilled sauce all over his rice; it was completely submerged and disgusting looking. I asked him, "Are you going to eat that befouled rice?" We both instantly thought of the Befouled Terrace from the Ahn'kahet instance and cracked up laughing like idiots while everyone around us wondered what the hell was going on.

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    Probably quite a few others, but these are the ones that stick out to me.
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    I can't remember any new words i learned in wow, mainly because i played many computer RPG's before (baldur's gates, icewind dales, diablo etc.) that had same words all over. But... if there's one word i'm always happy to see, it's CRETIN.

    Anyway, as a non-english speaker, it's always disturbing to see english words (or npc names) that are close to some profanity words in your own language...

    Best example is R. E. Howards fictionary character "Kull of Atlantis" as "kulli" means dick in Finnish language. So, "i pray for your son kull" is translated to "rukoilen poikasi kullin puolesta" and if you translate that sentece back to english, it becames "i pray for your son's dick" ehh... That's why they changed it to "Kall of Atlantis" in old translated novels...
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