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    Tsulong 10N Help / Killed but any tips for next? Holy pally.

    EDIT: after swapping to 3 heals again, people still took mega stacks on the previous pulls with 2 etc but..
    We finally got dps to get better at keeping adds off the boss, and we started to get enrage wipes.
    We finally downed it but as he enraged, i know all of us could do better, and for me if i know i can do better, i want to know how.


    Wol kill of Tsulong 10, Hit beserk as he died.

    My idea was save all cds for day phase and on first sunbreath have 5 holy power ready, Pop wings+divine favour + guardian, Divine light pre cast Sun breath -> Eternal flame Tsulong, Lay of hand random member (for beacon xfer) -> Eternal flame random players for insane beacon transfer.

    Recently went MS holy so only 474ilvl but...
    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...njunior/simple

    I'm only asking because i want better play overall and i've seen WoL ranked paladins peak 500k+ hps on the fight, i peaked around 200-250k.
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    Tips? 3 heal it. I don't see the point of 2 healing it with your gear. I'm sure it can be done but its just allowing the dps to slack off imo, esp when people are careless enough to reach 21 stacks, thats just bullshit that should be left in lfr. Also, healers can make a massive contribution in the day phase with the buff you get.

    We 3 heal it and get it done with only one day phase so its not like its a massive dps requirement.

    In the day phase theres 3 big adds. 1 + 3 need to be blitzed down asap and a breath will destroy the little adds, add 2 you can take a little more time with since the breath takes longer.

    Dunno what more to say :P

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    For sure 3 heal it, no reason not to. And yell at those dps until they open their eyes.

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    For the day phase, you should be putting Beacon on Tsulong and hitting him with Divine Light, but use Holy Shock on raiders to help keep them up. Use the holy power you get to put Eternal Flame on as many raiders as you can. When he does the breath, try to have some holy power already saved up. I usually pop cooldowns a couple of seconds before it, then Flash of Light once (with the Glyph), then when the breath hits, Divine Light, 3 Holy Power Eternal Flame, then Holy Prism. Don't override that Eternal Flame with a new one after the breath wears off or else you're wiping out the super powered HoT you just put on him. The Eternal Flames you put on raiders will result in a big beacon transfer during that 6 seconds, too.

    There's no reason you shouldn't be able to get 110k HPS on this fight if you have 2 day phases.

    As for the other stuff, your raiders suck. They need to get their act together. You can't carry 9 people.

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    3 heal it or get a Resto Shaman to solo heal it with hunter-pet stacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felir View Post
    3 heal it or get a Resto Shaman to solo heal it with hunter-pet stacking.
    Fixed since 17-1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odeanathus View Post
    Fixed since 17-1
    Aww man. That sucks.

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    If you have adds going through with 2 healers, I'd say it's DPS problem, not healing.
    And 21 stacks? Ouch. It's fine to quickly reset at 4-5 even.

    Really, your post is basically "our raid fails at both phases, and we have to use all cooldowns and mana to keep them up, then we're screwed". You can't carry whole raid on healers.
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    Like Thiron said, if adds are still hitting the boss even though you're only 2-healing, that's the first thing your group will need to clean up. My group 3 heals it and even then it can get pretty tight if more than 1 or 2 adds hit him. It's not strictly necessary to 3-heal, but because of the healing buff from breath, an extra healer is actually going to be better than an extra dps if you're having trouble with the enrage timer.

    For healing, I recommend picking up Holy Avenger instead of Divine Purpose for this fight. During day phase, beacon tsulong, build to 2 holy power just before the breath. Pop wings+favor+avenger, shock the boss once to get to 5HP, EF boss, shock boss, EF raid member, FoL boss, EF raid member, and continue the generator/EF rotation as long as avenger is up. The goal here is to get out as many EF's on the raid as possible to funel a ton of healing to tsulong through beacon. (As long as you do this for the first breath, all 3 cd's will be up for the second day phase).

    For subsequent breaths, just pump FoL (glyphed), DL and shock into Tsulong and be absolutely sure to refresh EF with 3 charges before the breath fades. Between breaths, just keep holy light and shocks flowing on the raid since you'll get full healing transferred to tsulong anyway. (Targets that take bonus healing are ideal).

    Depending on your healing setup and how well your raid is able to mitigate personal damage from Terrorize, you may be able to simple spam heal tsulong between breaths, but if you are 2 healing, that may not be possible.

    For your dps, I'd suggest looking at assignments. We have 1 dps responsible for each add spawn (other than the one in front of tsulong who's just going to die in breath), and our warrior tank and fury warrior deal with the large add. He may need help killing it before the breath so he can call for other dps to help out. Also, for the small adds, knockbacks and death grips do work on them as well as stuns and snares so don't be afraid to use them to give yourselves more time.

    As for people not resetting stacks or getting hit by nightmares during night phases, that just can't happen, no way around it. Unless your dps is godly, you're going to need your healing cd's for the day phase and burning them at night is just going to make the berserk timer that much harder to hit. That's just learning the fight hopefully, but you won't be able to down this is people aren't able to manage the basic mechanics.
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    As the folk above have said get your DPS to get a grip and sort their shit out, we 3 heal it as well, and people like myself as a ret make sure we get the buff as well while bringing down adds, then switch to boss and use some heals to help with the healing

    But until your dps get it sorted start dropping stacks in night phase, and making sure adds dont reach the boss etc, it doesn't matter if you two or three heal it, they are going to screw you over in the fight

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    My guild has started to just 4 heal it in 10N man since it seems to go faster for us that way and gives the 4 remaining dps much less down time in day phases. The key is to make sure you time the big add's death to line up so the tiny adds it spawns will always die in a sun breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    Tips? 3 heal it. I
    Yea, and if you have a dps priest or shaman, and the dps on the adds isn't too bad, then have them help spam the boss as well. (when they have the buff). Try assigning sides to the dps so you know who to yell at if adds get through.

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    3 heal it and do the fight properly(resetting stacks at 9-12 etc, but thats not your fault).

    As a pally myself: ES is great, Apply a 3 hopo EF to the boss, apply 1 or 2 EF's to the raid. Why? EF ticks healing comes from the initial heal, a breathed EF will keep ticking for 50-100k. ES same thing. DO that, spam your ass of during night and keep wings for the first breath. Beacon the boss, use LoH during the breath on a player(not the boss, its immune, but the beacon will transfer 50% of the 3.5 mil LoH hit) and you should peak at 400k hps. My best try was 110k, but unlike you I wasnt oom at all.

    Good Luck!

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    Killed it, now asking for tips on improvement if it's allowed, if not lock this

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    Your idea for healing the day phase looks fine.

    You could also talent holy prism and smack him with that with the buff?

    The reason you hit enrage is because the dps is subpar, nothing else.

    (And gz on the kill)

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