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    Reforging question

    Hi all,

    I have a question regarding optimal reforging on % based proc stats (e.g. Mastery for elemental).

    If I have for example, a mastery rating of 40.59% and a crit of 19.89% but I can reforge to give 40.08% and crit of 20.22%, is it worth adding the extra points into the poorer stat (crit in this case) to move it past the next % mark, or does the game take into account partial % when calculating procs?
    Obviously this won't affect things like haste but for proc based stats I just wonder if I'm not being optimal with my reforges...

    Hope this makes sense and thanks for any help.

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    The game recognizes decimals and takes them into account when calculating your procs and values. E.g. there's no need to try and get to 10% when you're sitting at 9.99%.

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    Great! Thanks for the response.

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