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    Unable to post thread?

    I tried posting a thread earlier and it said that it would take me to post a poll, which I wanted to do, but then the thread never showed up. I never received any notification of it being deleted or anything and there was only a gap of about 10 seconds between when I posted the thread and then finished adding a poll. It was a pretty long post, is it possible that it somehow didn't go through or is requiring moderator approval or something? I wouldn't understand why it would require moderator approval though, as it doesn't contain any links and it didn't say anything about moderator approval beforehand.

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    Sounds like it got caught by a spam filter -- all posts by people who have less than 15 total post count are scanned, and sometimes it picks up real posts incorrectly.

    Mods will catch these posts and approve them soon, though; don't worry

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