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    Idea regarding Storm, Earth and Fire.

    Currently most of the pvp problems I've encountered on my monk are lack of control related on a bigger scale, It can be very hard to get someone to stop spanking your healer especially if your other teammate is rolled over by cc's, so I had an idea regarding Storm, Earth and Fire. What if your flying serpent kick when you have S,E&F active on a target, would drag that/those targets to the area of landing and stun them for 0.5 seconds?

    I honestly think an ability to control up to three of your enemy team's player's positional placement every now and then would let us see more monks in the 2.2+ arena ratings, I am however concerned that it could be a bit overpowered, and as a solution, S,E&F could drain 1 roll charge while doing so, and or put your ring of peace/stuns, depending on wich talent you take on a 30second cooldown, so that it would not be possible to lock down half of your enemy team simply by endless stuns.

    Would anyone else consider this as something that windwalker monks kind-of ''need?''

    TLDR; S,E&F gripping your targets to FSK end point and 0.5 sec stun for them to actually get there, nerf other skills if too op.

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    Sounds a bit odd to me. Ring of Peace still looks good even after being nerfed from it's OP initial run, I think that will give us something nice to take the pressure off healers.

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    Although ring of peace is looking rather nice, It is not exactly what you'd be looking for as a windwalker monk. As DPS in the arena enviroment, we lack control, and while someone might disagree with what I'd like to add to us, I honestly think this addition would be what would get us where we want.

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    I'm just confused about why you're tying this to SE+F instead of making it a glyph that sucks in everyone within a certain area and also increases the cooldown or something
    It's a very strange interaction

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    Basicly with SE&F you'd have less buttons to press, limit to 3 targets and a lock-on feature that does not give itself away and would make more use of SE&F in general. I am conserned though that it would propably be a little too OP if left with FSK's cooldown (the drag effect), and thus the roll charge factor would give it a more strategic use, and make windwalkers not spec so often into tiger's lust in arenas.

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    Also I'd be kind-of concerned regarding various cleaves, and to enforce a positional defensive strategic use, rather than purely offensive, the targets gripped could receive a 25% dmg reduction for 2-3 seconds after being gripped, or else certain class/spec combos would be too powerful.

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