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    I think Blizzard balances PvP not for actual quality gameplay but rather to achieve goals in class representation and player turnover. I've been playing some CTA this weekend to cap Honor again for next season; almost every one is filled with people on their undergeared rerolled rogues so they can be overpowered in 5.2. The player base seems to thrive on this. What once was a bunch of Warrior alts in BGs is now a bunch of Rogue alts in BGs, maybe the truth is the average pvper just rerolls to be OP, and Blizzard keeps them around by providing another OP class to do it on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fneelis View Post
    PTR is to test new raid content, why would they waste time and effort on PvP when there isn't even any new Battleground to test etc?
    The most ignorant thing i've read in test PvP balance of course, to make sure it's balanced as possible for the next season.

    The reason none of the decent PvPers go on PTR is becasue they are pusing for titles as by the time Blizz make arena doable, it's the last two weeks where people go keen mode in 3s/5s
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davoo2080 View Post
    Blizzard doesn't care much about pvp balance, it's not a priority. It would be easier for people if they accepted that fact and played pvp-oriented games if they want balance.
    k so.. why are you posting in wow > pvp forums again?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Because most of the "good" changes are being reverted while the completely over the top buffs or nerfs are the ones that are going through.

    Because Blizzard, without fail, has made changes contrary to the "wisest" ideas they've had to balance PvP.
    aka.. flaks still has a sore bum about the warrior nerfs .

    iuno maybe we should be more angry.. i've been playing rogue / mage / lock / priest toons on PTR i'm having a great go of it 3/4s of the time ^^.

    the reason i stopped writing angry things about the state of PTR locks for example is because i realized that it doesnt long as 1 of the 3 main classes i play is viable in 3s than whatever.

    i think if you get this frustration about PTR status your chips are all in one cup..

    anyways as for bliz not caring.. i think they do. But i think its probably hard to balance the game with the wrong people at the helm of the changes but bliz is a business first; if you're making money.. you don't fire the help.

    eventually there might be a tipping point if things ever get REALLY bad with pvp but it might go unnoticed since it's not the majority of players interested in this.

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