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    Mame Cabinet Art (high res images inside)

    Howdy folks, building a Mame Cabinet (An arcade cabinet with a PC running Mame inside, probably Atari, SNES, NES, Sega, etc too). Working on Art for the Cabinet itself and looking for ideas.

    I combined a bunch of high res images to make the one of the left, the right is a very high res image found on the net. I'm thinking of expanding and adding too the one on the right cause it's not quite tall enough to it's width to fill the side properly, without cutting off a ton. Keep in mind these are low res copys of the images, real image are 5000x12000 iirc

    There are a few images I want to work into my front panel, but my image editing skills don't seem to be sufficient, try as I might I can't remove the background well from this image(its the blur effect that's killing me - I'm only using gimp:

    Also want this, realize not really Arcade, but it makes it mine. I adore those books, and especially this.

    Also found this premade marquee(banner for across the top), that I like and think I'll use, but might make my own.

    So there's two things I'm looking for - who else too add, either just names or images(high res as possible, bare min 1024x768+) and it's also going to have light guns. I really like these which I would repaint, but the control holes will be a bitch to fill... keep in mind I have the guts/insides of the guns, I just need shells with working triggers. (I really want 1 rifle 1 hand gun, or 2 rifles) - the other thought was two orginal NES zappers haha... but idk....

    So who else to add? Any tips on light guns? I can't think who too add... I really want a nice battle toads image worked in, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of good art out there for them.

    *Disclaimer: This is 100% for personal use, I give full 100% credit to all the artists who originally made these images and have no intention of in any way cashing in off their hard work, I just want to show respect my including it on something I love*
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