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    Great post OP. Not sure what to really say but excellent post glad it turned out good for him.

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    Great Post for sure. Hope everything is better now and he never turns into one of those who looks down on new players/bad players. so many get help from better players to become better, then start the elitist train going. =[

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    what an amazing post.


    keep writing.

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    I should say that no matter how more time consuming vanilla was, ppls were more helpfull back then becouse server had some cross-human interraction - i got to know ppls looking for groups, i started to dislike oposite faction individums from BGs. Also when i joined my guild (2d server guild raiding MC) i didn't know what's Lifetap button is and why it's cruicial for my lock in raid but my class leader explained to me what's what. Now guilds are so small that you mostly can't expect smth like class leader, officers, lively chat - it's all good as long as 10 ppls are up to raid. 10 man raids are convenient, but somehow they added to community downfall - atm when i turn wow on (dunno why i keep sub runing since i log once in a blue moon) i can do everything on my own with automatic features support.

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    So much has changed indeed, during 8 years of WoW. Not only the game itself, but also how the players interact with eachother. This was a very good post, this really made me think about the time i was still a newby, but also about the things i've said to people who were not such good players. Hopefully everyone in the WoW community gets to read this, and we can change the way how the community is right now, together..

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    My mother plays. She isn't great, or even good. I want to do heroics with her, but there's always "that guy" who calls out others' dps and kicks them. She doesn't pull adds, her pet doesn't growl, she knows how to gear herself. Her execution of a rotation just isn't very good. And it's sad that because of those players, she's locked out of an entire part of the game. She still has a great time playing, but I feel bad for her anyway.

    This thread was like being sucker punched in the kidneys.

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    Wow that was a touching story...really puts things in perspective. Competition brings out the worst in people

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    Ah God.

    I legitimately felt awful from that.

    I was in that position once before changing my rep.

    Barely knew my class and I'd pull abyssmal numbers on the small server I used to be on.

    One guy, I think his name used to be Clowx (he changed his name so I think it's okay to mention it) was hated by everyone on my server, and made fun of.

    I kinda felt bad for the guy. One day, he xferred. Never heard from him again.

    Solid post, OP. Lot to think about.
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    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    i still have fun in wow lol. my last guild i was in on mage id open ancient dalaran portals and tell people to click for water.. a few people died and we'd all have a laugh about it. or when i had a boss targeted and accidently hit fire while half the raid was afk.. hahaha good times.

    ill try and help people if they generally ask for it.all u gotta do is ask for help. but if you cannot or do not wish to accept advice then you will be hopeless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vmagik View Post
    ... TBH that post really struck a chord. Hell, we were all noobs in Vanilla but nowadays I flip out when someone's not doing something "correctly". 5mans disband after a single wipe, people throw insults at eachother for what they feel is incorrect reforging/gemming, some of my guild mates openly insult/taunt people in PUGS for the hell of it.

    That post honestly makes me wonder if I really want to play this game any more... I already feel like a lot of people have stopped having fun and do it for the prestige rather than the enjoyment, I personally feel like WoW's a glorified spreadsheet nowadays rather than the old, "cobble your OXFAM gear together and go on an adventure" game that it used to be.

    Might be time for me to give it a break.
    Not to mention the racism in WoW, and classcism(made it up lol). I have been attacked and insulted several times because I play a Blood Elf. And I haven't been able to do anything PVP wise cause I play a monk.

    I love WoW, but it's getting harder to play cause I can't play what I what, I have to play what people will take into their groups. I'm not a baddie, or a noob. Been playing since TBC, and PVPing since wrath, on 5 different characters reaching 1900 rating. Now I can't get anywhere. Been 2 months since I conq capped, now Im having to buy my cap. Hell I don't even have a guild cause all the PVP guilds are "2k+ cr to join".
    If what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Then I should be a god by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revik View Post
    On the other hand he has all the tools he needs to improve and get better. He has websites available to tell him what stats to have and everything he needs to do step by step. Anyone who wants to get better can. Even a semi good rotation is going to net you decent DPS with the right gear.
    My parents have a really hard time using computers/the internet. I've sat there and tried to explain to them really simple concepts. I mean stuff that 5 year olds can learn. But they can't really get it. It's not like they don't try, it just takes them a long time to grasp stuff that seems so intuitive and simple to you and me.

    The hard part, and the thing that's emphasized in the post, isn't that one person just needs to spend a few minutes explaining stuff to this guy and everything's happy ever after. The tough part is that sometimes it takes a lot of patience to get stuff across. And patience is something that WoW and most gaming communities are sorely short of.

    If the guy who's bad doesn't want to learn, there's no point teaching him. But what if he really wants to learn, but it's going to take a long time to teach him? Do even the "nice guy" gamers have the patience for that, or is it just better to ignore the guy so you don't have to deal with him like a lot of people in the story did?

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    Right in the feels, I feel bad for that guy. I've pretty much given up on WoW because of the community. The guy just wants to experience the game and have fun. Sure he might not be the best but to shun someone over it is just cruel.

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    its awful to be treated that way. In any context.

    Mind you, i dont see the raid set up as an excuse for people to become like that, the local demands for gaming make it so and all games that can be competitive there ARE like that. what happens in WoW for them pales in comparison to how some FPS and starcraft communities treat people who arent "up to par" (this happens in all hardcore communities but South Korea has it peaked and has a large sample size of it where a games community may exclusively BE hardcore gamers). But in no way is the medium an excuse for what people do. We're supposed to be sentient beings, we're capable of better than that we arent being held down from treating people right. No matter which country or culture it is, and it happens in them all, it awful and they are terrible for behaving that way.

    If people treat people like shit its that person's fault for behaving like a douche, because other people dont behave like that in the same system and they're not even a minority.

    game or not, our interactions when there rules are less enforced shows our real character. Its not how you behave when rules are enforced and you have something to lose that shows you what your worth is, its how you behave when there are no repurcussions, when rules arent enforced and when theres nothing to be lost (or the perception of all 3) that shows what your true character is. And in our societies where there are perceived "lessers" (where its "okay" to treat them awfully or just no one cares) how a person treats them reveals what they really are inside.

    so infact how you behave in a game or against someone in RL/otherwise you see as "inferior" in some manner, reveals more about you than at any other point.

    Is this indicative of WoW though? I see people bring the good days of vanilla but it was just as bad then. As it was in TBC, wotlk. Breaking down the "elite" glass and making content more accessible for all has helped loads but people will still treat others awfully cause they're awful people.

    Find good people. Dont stand for awful behavior even if its against others. help those who need a leg up.
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    Great post, even though I should've been in bed for a few hours now, I'm glad I read it all. Thanks for sharing!
    Originally Posted by cutterx2202
    Stop complaining to solve your lack of ability, and start reading and practicing to gain ability. Stop trying to bring people down to your level instead of striving to raise yours.

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    I felt bad after reading that.
    Time is on our side
    Brutal Gladiator Enhancement Shaman *rawr*

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    Great respect for that GM who helped him and send this message to the community.

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    Or ... just that South Koreans don't like to play in a Chinese setting./

    As a matter of fact these guys only want to play free to play games in those internet cafés.

    the only top recent top 10 game that actually costs a copy to play in those Korean cafes is Diablo 3 btw

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    I used to teach new players how to play, but nowadays i just yell at them, kick them and ignore them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenjen View Post
    Is this indicative of WoW though? I see people bring the good days of vanilla but it was just as bad then. As it was in TBC, wotlk. Breaking down the "elite" glass and making content more accessible for all has helped loads but people will still treat others awfully cause they're awful people.
    Sure there were mean people back in Vanilla but back then there were more people that would offer advice if you asked in trade instead of, "LOOK IT UP ON ELITIST JERKS NOOB!" Most players that didn't know how to play properly back then didn't jump down your throat when you offered them advice either. Try offering advice to someone in a random dungeon now and enjoy their insults. Each expansion the World of Warcraft community has become more and more toxic with players becoming more obsessed with getting gear for their toon than just having fun.

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    Whiel I kinda feel a bit bad for the guy, any sympathy I have for him is mitigated by the fact that there is so much info out there on how to play, how to gem/reforge, etc, that I honestly feel like you have to actively try to be bad. Esecially seeing as the game has become so ridiculously easy to play now as compared to back in the BC days. I honestly feel that if people want to to end game content, or high level pvp, they need to get their shit together and do some bloody research instead of relying on other eople to carry them. I applaud the guy for seekign out help, but why did it take so long? If he knew he had issues playing, he should have worked to rectify the issues. I know I sucked balls for my first while, but all it took was finding a couple of peopl ewho knew where to go to find info and a couple of hours of research and I became 1000% better at playing the game.

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