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    Need help on deciding what to buy :)

    Hello guys, I was wondering if any of you can help me out here. A couple years ago I bought a desktop computer with no gaming in mind. it was about $750 when I got it. Here is a link to the specs of it. The only difference i see there is that mine is 6gb ram, not 3.


    The only difference from when I bought it is that mine has 6gb ram not 3. The only game I play on it is WoW. I raid 25 mans in a hardcore guild. I recently upgraded the graphics Card to a an Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti and also upgraded my power supply to a 450W. Those are the only things that I've changed since I bought it.

    My question is what should I upgrade/do to have better fps in 25 man raids. My current average fps in raids is like 15-25fps and thats on all low setting. yes pretty sad lol. I think it really affects my gameplay and would like to see how i can improve it. I was thinking upgrading the CPU but im not sure which to get and if its even worth getting one for the system that i have. Should I just buy a whole new system? I'm not in the best situation money wise so just looking for my best option atm. Thank you so much

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    You need a better CPU for better performance in 25man.
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    A better CPU would be good, however there's really not much you can upgrade to with that setup. You have an Athlon II X4 630. The only thing reasonably better would be the Athlon II X4 640, or Phenom II X4 Black 975... However even that wouldn't be a HUGE jump (the 630 is on par with the older i3 2120T and older i5s), and the slower ram is sort of a crutch as well =/

    It might be worthwhile to save up some more money and look into getting a new mobo/cpu/ram combo.

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    No matter what CPU you decide to buy, your gpu will bottleneck your performance on highest settings in 1080p anyway. The 550ti was a good entry level gaming card 1,5 years ago. It was still an entry level card though and today it will struggle with most games.

    I'd recommend getting an Ivy-bridge CPU like 3470 or better and a new budget H77/Z77 motherboard with some nice Kingston HyperX ram. And a new gpu. I'd re-use all the other parts while saving up to replace them. If you can't afford to go for all those parts at once I'd advice you to save up more money and just live with what you got now.

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    Thanks guys alot . Looks like i will have to save some money.

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