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    Need a new graphics card!

    Hey mmo-champion, recently I've found myself in the market for a new graphics card.
    The current one I have is a single fan XFX 6870, but the fan on it has almost completely burned out. It sounds like an aircraft carrier turning off and on stopping and going.
    I recently bought this -- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...ls_o00_s00_i00
    It's the Gelid icy vision rev 2 if you dont want to click the link.
    Its an amazing aftermarket cooler however it just didnt seem to fit. Im not a super genius with computer parts and stuff, but the copper rods on it were coming into contact with some bulb looking things on the card. (They're labeled 2.5v) And the copper plate failed to make complete contact with the chip as a result of it.

    So, im sitting here waiting around for XFX to get back to my ticket about the fan, meanwhile im shopping for a new card.

    Heres what I'm looking for
    Generally around equal performance as a 6870
    Nvidia or ATI no preference
    200$ is my limit, can go above if worth it
    Would like to find a card that someone KNOWS is compatible with the Icy vision rev 2 cooler, so I don't have to send it back. Ive been having a ton of trouble confirming if certain brand/cards will work with it since they seem to differ a lot.

    The card that's on my list right now is the MSI 7770 that was in the set up of the month post. But it won't work with the cooler I don't think.

    Edit: Motherboard is gigabyte p67a d3 b3
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    I dont use ATI cards but a GTX 660 is $220 and pretty good.

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    Or if anyone knows a fan for a XFX 6870 thatd be cool too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorillane View Post
    Or if anyone knows a fan for a XFX 6870 thatd be cool too.
    I personally wouldn't waste that much money on a old mid-end card.
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    A new card under 200 that would be an upgrade... You'd be looking at a 650ti or 7850.

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    I'll look into it thanks!
    I just really don't want to see an entire card go to waste because of the shitty stock fan

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    If the card works, and its performance is acceptable, I'd probably just get some janky 3rd party cooler that fits.

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    Yeah. Its a perfectly fine card, been used for a year or so but its performance was more than just fine last time i was able to benchmark it. Just the shitty stock fan ran out of grease and started to stop nearly completely. I took apart the fan and applied a lube to it but apparently the part that needs the lube was inside of the circle part where the motherboard type piece for the fan is so it was impossible to get to it.

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    I'd say GTX660 would be your ideal upgrade. Assuming you play alot of WoW since you post here and at that price point GTX660 would be your best bang for bucks card. If you play alot of other games like Witcher 2, Sleeping Dogs etc. I'd advice you to go for a 7870.

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    I picked up a 7870 jokercard for £170 on Amazon a couple of days ago (the special edition one with 1536 shaders rather than 1280)

    These are by far the most bang for buck you can get at the moment, GTX670 performance reachable with a very modest overclock. So if you can stretch your budget a bit more I would go for that, a 7850 is also a solid choice tho, great little cards.

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