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    Tomorrow I'll be streaming 24h for charity!

    Hi guys! As the title suggests tomorrow, on the 9th through 10th I'll be streaming for 24h straight for charity! In collaboration with Child's Play (--REMOVED--) we'll be helping to " improve the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 70 hospitals worldwide"!

    Be a good chap and come on over, join us! I'll be mainly playing WoW, but I might put some tetris, dota etc. in the mix!



    Follow--REMOVED-- for the upcoming stream hour countdown!

    Starts at 6PM GMT!
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    good luck but I guess every kind of advertisement is not allowed. This will be closed I guess.

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    good on ya mate, if I remember I'll tune in.

    Shame its mainly on wow :P (don't play anymore)

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    If i remember I might take a peek, pop my head in and stay, but we'll see.

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    Advertising is not permitted here

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