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    Returning High Ranking Top 50 Us25 Rogue

    Hey everyone, please read and follow link to wow page.

    I am currently returning to play after a few month absence taken to finish school. Ive been raiding for quite some time, since vannilla!, and im currently looking at investing alot of time come 5.2! I was in a top 50us 25 man guild in Cata where I held approx 22 rankings on Cata bosses, every new boss during the begining Mist progression, and was rank 1 US combat rogue on Heroic Ragnaros
    looking for stable raiding guild, One that raids smarter and not harder. I am not one to guild hop, the only reason i am currently looking is because my guild transfered off server. Please follow my link to my page on the wow forums where more information is easily available. battlenet then /wow/en/forum/topic/7864406417

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    post any questions here and i will respond when i can

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    hyperion's raid team is loking for a good dps. WE are on Nordrassil-US, Horde side. if you would like to talk a bit plz contact me on my char ichigeki or my battletag-Uthferas#1509

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    I would consider horde for sure, since i cannot post links. us(DOT)battle(DOT)net/wow/en/forum/topic/7864406583#1 basically a link to my wow forum post

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