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    rogue population vs monk, the nrs between them

    All i want to know is the difference between the new class monk that appeared and the poor rogue, the numbers, the scale that a new class overcomes, overpasses and old 1 that existed since the game launched...... and ofc the things that where done to the rogue sure help allot, being geared full pvp, or pve and all other classes under geared over dps, over kill you, easy, np .
    Short version how many monks are out there now and how many rogues? Since the help we got was so great.
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    I'm very, very confused.

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    I don't even.....

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    Do you care to clarify what you mean, because I'm seriously confused ...

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    I put this into Google translation and got no luck.

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    I think its trying to ask if the rogue population has declined since the introduction of Monks. And then something about it being a similar class.
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    I'm going to close this before it further devolves. OP, if you were trying to ask what effect monks have had on the rogue population, you'll really need to find a clearer way to state the question, since this has been derailed completely (assuming you had a point) in attempting to understand the way it was written. Before this thread becomes nonsensical, we're going to cut off here.

    As for actual player percentiles, there are various tools you can use to check, all of which are prominent on google searches.

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