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    Interesting things in the Yearly 2012 report from Blizzard: Diablo 3 = successes

    While everyone is stumbling over the 9.6 million subscribers left in WOW, it is odd that people did not notice 2 equal important facts in that report.

    1. Blizzard made MORE than 1.6 billion dollars in revenue for the year 2012. (Activision Blizzard as a group made 4.9 billion) and as a consequence the group now sits on a money mountain of 4 billion dollars in cash with NO debt.

    2. It was now confirmed that Diablo 3 sold MORE than 12.000.000 copies in just 7 months time. So they added another 2 million on top of the first months sales and this DESPITE heavy hate trolling on forums from frustrated D2(?) fans.

    Of course the first is linked to the other as Blizzard upped their previous year revenue with 400 million dollars, clearly the difference was made by those excellent numbers of D3.

    3. Also interesting the "on line" revenue grew too. Almost 280 million from MMO play for just the last quarter.

    I wonder if D3's AH had an impact here.

    --- So as of now --- D3 stands at 12 million who just are a click away from opening D3 on a desktop.


    Must be terrible figures for the "D3 is a failure" crowd. I am sorry if you don't like the game, but this number of 12.000.000 sold in just 7 months time is incredible for a PC only game.


    No doubt the server protection prevented the massive copying and so... there IS a market for PC games IF they are protected. It made a difference of almost 400 million dollars in copyright for Blizz that can be invested in future projects.

    I hope everyone learned their lessons: if we get the opportunity --- we are ALL thieves and guilty as charged. So better have internet only as of now because I don't want to steal anymore.
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    The game is still bad though.

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    Diablo 2 wasnt the best at the start, just give them time to polish and fix the game in the next patches.

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    There really is no need to make a thread just to rag on other people, especially other people here.

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