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    Idea for an updated, way more awesome and much easier to balance Talent System!

    It should work like this:

    You have to make nine choices, one for every 10 level starting from 10.
    Every Stage has it's own theme, just like it is now.
    Every Stage offers you to choose one of two possible talents.

    One of those talents can allways be choosen by every spec of this class while the other is spec specific.

    For example:
    The Death Knight Tier 1 Talents are focussed around diseases. Here it could look like this

    Class: Reduces your "Outbreak" cooldown to 30 seconds. Killing a target which grants exp or honour will reset the cooldown.
    Blood: Your bloodboil spell will trigger pestilence to spread your diseases to surrounding targets.
    Frost: Obliberate deals all of its bonus damage even with only one disease on the target.
    Unholy: Wandering plaque: Gives your blood plaque ticks a chance to explode, dealing x damage to all enemys in range and applying blood plaque to all enemys hit by this effect. This effect can only proc once 4,5 seconds.

    I hope you get the Idea.

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    This sounds like what we got now but reworded.
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    Yeah, this is what we have right now but with every 10 levels.

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    Well your proposal of making a system with 36 different talents doesn't make anything easier to balance, compared to the 18 different talents we can pick between now. The higher number of talents to balance = more trouble balancing, even if they are not all available to all specs.

    So in all ways you are only making it harder to balance since you bring in a lot more talents and gives the players a lot more choices to make.

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    It's still 18(9*2) talents, just divied up differently. I really don't see how that is any better than we have now.

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    I don't PvP so rather don't care about balance in mmo, but yeah I would prefer talent every 10 levels, I like new talent system they made in MoP, but I need more of them.

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    It is in so far easier to balance if you look at it in another way.

    At the moment, you have to balance 18 talents around 3 specs.
    In my version, you would only have to balance 9 around 3 and 27 around 1.

    It wasn't supposed to be a completly new system, I like the talent system as it is, but it lacks some seperation between the specs, which I wanted to address with my idea.

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