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    Patch 5.2 PTR - Build 16539

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    The return of Boubouille...

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    Hey look, more crappy Ret Buffs.

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    Seems that GC his starting his numbers pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eon Drache View Post
    Hey look, more crappy Ret Buffs.
    Yep, a 2 min magic dispel (which Holy Paladins can already do every...8 secs, I think) is totally going to fix us in PvP. It's not like our issues were anything to do with the most costly/demanding self-buff in the game at the moment, or all our attacks hitting for average damage, or our burst having huge cooldowns and easily countered whilst having low sustained damage.

    /sarcasm off
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    So many words.

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    if they dont buff elemental shaman before 5.2 comes out im rerolling

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    Oh great, lets neuter Hand of Sacrifice for no apparent reason...

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    A lot of these are tooltip fixes, keep that in mind folks.

    Quote Originally Posted by tangers58 View Post
    Oh great, lets neuter Hand of Sacrifice for no apparent reason...
    .... so updating Hand of Sacrifice's tooltip to what it does currently for Holy/Prot and then adding in a buff for Ret is a neuter?

    Please sir, tell me more.

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    Why must they insist on making this game easier and easier and easier at every damn turn?? Suddenly all these different things apply Hunter's mark. BECAUSE PUTTING IT ON THERE AHEAD OF TIME WAS JUST WAAAAY TOO INCONVENIENT, EH?! Not to mention it's REALLY useless in a raid situation where there are other Hunters. Oh, every time I use KC a new mark gets put on, but every time Hunter2 uses chimera shot his overrides mine and then when Hunter3 uses explosive shot that overrides H2's...

    Changing the Mage talent from blazing speed to ANOTHER damage reduction? NO FUCKING THANKS! There are already too many useless talents in too many places on all classes that are some kind of damage reduction. It's like they took talents from being utility/boosts to "hey, if you pvp you'll like these widespread AoE roots/dmg reduction/etc!!" Between Mage armors, temporal shield, ice block and alter time there really doesn't NEED to be yet another dmg reduction.

    I wish they would do away with talents...they were lame enough to begin with; and now they're even worse.

    Also - that Druid movement thing from the set bonus? REALLY lame.

    I think it's time for Blizzard to admit that they are FINALLY totally running out of ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eon Drache View Post
    Hey look, more crappy Ret Buffs.
    Crappy? Defensive dispel is crappy?

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    At this point I have no idea what the intention of the devs is for mage specs.

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    Ahead of the Curve: Sha of Fear (New) Defeat the Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Spring on Normal difficulty, before the discovery of the Throne of Thunder.
    For fucking real...?!

    What a waste of FOS space.


    Also, good riddance to the Level 80 "soloing"
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealDavidTwo View Post
    The return of Boubouille...
    Just wanted to write this

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    And still no fix for Fist weapons being boring for monks because they are never visible and therefore useless to transmog? Yawn.

    Blizzard needs to make fists Xmoggable to other 1 hand items. i dont want to attack with them, but alot of monks like having there weapons visible on there backs.

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    nice to see feats of strength, one of the few things we had left, are now free giveaways
    normal mode, seriously?
    Next expac we'll get a FoS for raid finder too
    Come on people...

    Give a tiered achievement for RF and Normal progress, each individual boss gets a heroic achieve, and the FOS stays for realm firsts and killing before nerfs on heroic. Fine the way it is.
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    Just a note: The fishing change is already in game (at least in the Krasarang Wilds). I thought I was going crazy at first.

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    Of all the comments so far.. i think one is positive. Never understood why people cry so much about a video game. Poor devs are just trying to balance the damn game, and PTR is far from over so try not to jump to conclusions people.

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    Am I the only one a little sad that fishing poles won't be required to fish anymore?

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