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    The broadband market isn't inaccessible to newcomers either. To compete with the likes of Time Warner or AT&T, all one needs to do is negotiate tens of thousands of property easements and raise tens of billions in capital to build out a fiber backbone and a last mile network. Other than that, it's technically accessible to any newcomer.

    You're just being dense. If you were late to the game, there were massive barriers to enter current content. Having to spend weeks (if not months) praying to the RNG gods while you were being carried for gear on top of spending weeks of your own time grinding out rep and resist gear and such before you could even carry your own weight in a raid was a pretty big wall.
    Are you really comparing raiding in Vanilla to raising billions of dollars, and then accuse me of being dense LOL?

    So what you are saying, is you had to spend time getting gear? Oh, that doesn't sound inaccessible in this slightest.

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    So, current valor gear and npc will be removed once 5.2 hits, not converted to justice?..only way to gear up is from raids?

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    I hope this starts a competition for the utmost ridiculous and best kill video/intro to raid videos. I miss the guides of L2R with pun after pun so this will have to do until then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summerdrake View Post
    So, current valor gear and npc will be removed once 5.2 hits, not converted to justice?..only way to gear up is from raids?
    It is discounted, not removed.

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    Yes this is what I want. 522 ilvl gear I have to farm again after 3 months of raiding normal/heroic. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adramalech View Post
    Don't quote me on this, but I believe the 476 gear from Sunreavers/Kirin Tor is bought with gold, not valor points, making it more akin to pre-MoP factions. The 522 gear is bought with valor, but not the 476. I approve of that, honestly. The item level isn't absurdely high for an item bought with gold, but it allows for alts to easily prepare themselves for ToT, or for mains to cover some slots with which they have been really unlucky.
    Why do they insist that players go grind valor every freaking tier. What is fun about that? Have fun doing your heroics AGAIN. Like it wasn't boring enough already.

    I have been raiding normal/heroic for three months and now you are telling me that I can buy gear 20-22 ilvls higher, and for some pieces even higher than that, for valor by doing some boring mindless heroic dungeons? Why is there no massive whining from raiders? Do people actually enjoy that?

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