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    Looking for an old lock/SP arena comic

    Some time ago, when the dotdotdotpillarhide was on, early arena S1-2 there was a comic strip where there was a lock and a shadow priest doting the enemy team hiding behind the pillars and yelling lol and stuff like that. Was a awesome comic strip, only problem i cant find it anymore.
    Anyone got a clue or has it lying around anywhere?
    Thank You

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    If the lock and the sp were fighting a Tauren,Orc,Human hunter(yeah hunter) and 2 females murlocs ...

    then its TehGladiators.com

    Give that site a look,it fits the theme and dates.

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    400 pages in total lol, screw it i am at it and tell you how it goes.

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    the artist looks familiar with the one i m looking for but the era on that site is kinda "new"
    The one i m looking for was around TBC early seasons

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