Are you looking for a fun, friendly and mature Guild with no pressure to raid, do progressive content, or to have an ilevel of 500+? Want to be part of a raiding team being rebuilt from the ground up but who still plan to have fun while kicking boss-arse? Or just to chat to folks while you wander around Azeroth picking flowers?

We don't care what class or level you are. We want people who are chatty and friendly in guild chat, who might want to run some old content for mounts, achievements or fun, or maybe want to Raid. We ask that you are over 18 in general (this is negotiable, most of us are 20s - 40s, though one is 12 (son of a Guildie) and one 63 (his grandad)), and that you avoid sexist/ racist/ homophobic language - we're not prudes, we just want all to be able to feel welcome :-)

We were much bigger and more active before, but real life caught up a lot of people (babies, weddings etc) and MoP failed to impress many others. We used to Raid twice a week, and want to get back to doing that, so to keep busy we're running old content but plan to start on MSV in the next week.

If you *would* like to Raid then we are particularly looking for a healer or two right now, especially if you can dual spec and heal some bosses/ DPS others. We also need some kick arse DPS. We have Warrior, Pally and DK tanks (for once no shortage of those!), Shaman, Pally and Priest healers, and Warrior, Hunter, Shammy and Mage DPS. Unfortunately several of those are alts or OS of each other so we definitely have space for a few more raiders of all roles :-)

You don't need to be an experienced Raider, you need to be reliable, turn up on time, able to use Teamspeak (Mic + headphones), and to bring your own flasks/ food. We will take you through tactics you don't know and will never yell at you for mistakes though we all laugh at each other when we do something silly.

If you want to find out more message me or come along on a run some time to see what we're like. Promise we don't bite