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    Lightbulb [H] Knights of Ostoja - Draenor EU - 10m 3-4days/week

    Good day all, so been put in charge to find some ranged and healers for our 10 raid group to bolster our ranks!

    We are in need for

    2 Ranged
    1 Healer

    Both with good OS's

    Standard stuff know your class and tacts!

    Also please have TS and DBM.

    Visit us on: http://knightsofostoja.wowstead.com
    or add me on BT: XceptOne#2208 for more info!

    Thanks for looking peeps!

    XBL/PSN/Steam XceptOneAlpha

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    Just a gentle bump!

    XBL/PSN/Steam XceptOneAlpha

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    shameless bump

    XBL/PSN/Steam XceptOneAlpha

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