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    [H][Ragnaros]<Dark Omen> 25 man raiding guid are recruiting!

    Hello there!

    About us:
    Dark Omen is all about international adults (indication 21+) with a sense of responsibility that are looking for a social environment as well as get very good progression on the end-game content. For lack of better words: a Semi-Hardcore 25 man Raiding guild with a big emphasis on the social aspect. We use Mumble a lot for both aspects and call each other by our first names. Our core of players has been playing together for many years and intend to keep clearing content at a reasonable pace!

    Our raiding times:
    Dark Omen has three raid-nights per lockout. We raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 until 23:00 hours realm time. Invites start 15 minutes prior. The guild shall provide where need be. We also enjoy cleaning up on old achievements and helping each other out.

    Our guild progress:
    Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6 Normal and 2/6 Heroic.
    Heart of Fear - 6/6 Normal.
    Terrace of Endless Spring - 4/4 Normal.
    Throne of Thunder - 3/12 Normal.

    What we are looking for:
    Death Knight:
    - Blood!
    - Guardian!
    - Mistweaver!
    - Windwalker!
    - Holy!
    - Shadow!
    - Open!
    - Enhancement!
    - Elemental!
    - Open!
    - Fury/Arms!
    - Protection!

    We are always looking forward to new players who add to the progression of or atmosphere within the guild (preferably both). We therefore encourage any player who feels the description above suits him/her to go on darkomen.guildomatic.com to read our rules and make an application. Ofcourse you're also welcome to find us in-game for a chat!

    Thanks for your time!

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