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    [A] [email protected](EU) 5/12 25Man recruiting

    About us:
    Pandamonium are an amalgamation of people with the same goals!
    Goals of progressing, and pushing to be the best raid team we can possibly be!
    We believe in pushing for tomorrow, not living in the past,
    and realize to grow, changes need to happen!
    The majority of our members have played since TBC or earlier and have vast experience
    of end-game content.

    What we offer:
    • Firstly, 25man raiding. As we see more and more guilds convert to 10mans,
      we guarantee that will never be the case here. We play to enjoy encounters
      in their 25man format and that will not change.
    • Stable, 4 nights a week raiding in a friendly, progress driven environment.
    • Nobodies work is done until we've completed our task.
    • Casual weekend 10man Alt heroic runs to Live and other previous content.

    What we require:
    • High levels of knowledge for your class and the maximum effort to improve your character in all ways.
    • Knowledge of your off-specs and the ability to play them.
    • Maturity in all raid related situations and the ability to take constructive criticism.
    • 85% minimum raid attendance over a monthly period.
    • The ability to understand and speak fluent English

    Heroic Dragonsoul 25man 8/8
    Vaults 25man 6/6
    Heroic Vaults 25man 3/6
    Heart of Fear 25man 6/6
    Heroic Heart of Fear 25man 1/6
    Terrace 25man 4/4(elite Protectors)

    Throne of Thunder 25man 6/12

    Raid Schedule:
    Monday-Thursday 20:00-00:00 realm time.

    We are currently recruiting:

    • Resto/Elemental Shaman
    • Shadow Priest
    • Monk

    If you don't fall under the above list but feel you can improve our raid group
    then we'd love to hear from you anyway regardless of class.
    We believe a good guild should constantly try to improve itself.

    Social and Leveling mature members are welcome!

    For more information or to apply, visit our website at


    or contact any of our members in-game.
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    Looking for DPS to strengthen our team for 5.2<3

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    still space for a dps or 2<3

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    bumps's for more dps,
    and Jin'Rohk deaded inbetween lag;/

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    bump for dead heads<3

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    bumps for a none flapping birdy, n give more dps to strengthen the team plz

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