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    is it possible to go from 25m-10m

    I did a 25m uld run on my herald toon to get gear and we did all but yogg and algalon, is it possible to go in with another raid group and change it from 25m to 10m and still be able to kill algalon and or yogg?

    or am i screwed and need to wait till next week?

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    I don't think pre-ICC instances are flexible, but I could be wrong.

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    well i walked into uld with it set to 10m and it popped up saying if I stayed I would be saved to all the same bosses in 10m mode....... so it seems you can.. I guess I will find out tomorrow night when we try to go in and kill algalon for the herald title.

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    Yes. You can do this.

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    aren't they in different raid lockouts? They were in wotlk or did they change it?
    if they are still on different lockouts you need to clear it again... as if they were different instances...

    If they were changed to share lockouts you can switch and go, since they would be considered "normal" modes...

    you can also do this in cata and mop normals... or from HC to normal (you just can't switch from 25 to 10 or vice verse on HCs)
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