Heya, Just woke up after 9 hours testing the LFR, and I manage to get 5 bosses down. Ok 4 bosses done, one was killed by finger of death

Now how it looked in LFR

At the first we wiped at the starting trash, but in the end we realize what they do so we clean them fast. Now since the item lvl was down to 480, I can't say much would we get the first boss Jin'rokh the Breaker with less LFR BUff, since in the end we needed to learn the fight. It's not that Hard I really think it should be left as it is, since after we learn it from 4 wipes, I think we didn't even need the 20% more DMG / Heal to get him down, except for some people I have upload the video so you can check it out

Jin'rokh the Breaker - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=todfZgVBstU

After we continue trough the next trash on the Bridge of Terror / Horror call it whatever you liked, we wiped there about nice 1 Hour. I mean that trash need to be nerfed for LFR, because I see people won't be able todo it. Let be honest most of the people afk /fallow and get their snacks and coca cola in the meantime while other should clean the trash This Trash just ask every player to focus and do the job. Not to mention that in the half of the bridge you have nice mini boss that waits u with 101 milion life (All adds decrease your healing and it stacks by some time, when u reach some bad number u should move away 30 yards) This is even epic then AQ40 Trash. I'm sad that I didn't frapsed and upload those Heroic Trash in LFR so you can guys check it out.

When we reach the Horridon, we manage to get him after 5 wipes. Well old players left new ppl come, I didn't think we need to wipe that time, because most of the people didn't know what is going on.. Too much adds. In the end we manage to get him down. It's not that hard fight, sadly I forgot to press my Fraps button to make a video. What should be maybe consider for nerfing is the sand traps, I think most people will die on that on LFR.

Trash after Horridon was LFR Trash, tank spank and kill, nothing to say I was relaxed, and eat my snacks in peace...

Then comes the Council of Elders. From my Point of View the fight on this boss is also ok, what may be the problem are the sand adds, because again I think it will make trouble in LFR till people get 4-5x buffs, or they need to wipe some time to learn the fight. Above all nothing really hard on this bosses, everything was going smooth except when the adds come
I made the video you can check it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6lzQek6AFw

After we finish the first wing, I have queue for the next one. Now here I can say this turtle Tortos, is real pain in the [email protected]#... We had even the GM in the group that were prolly giving feedback from PTR LFR Test. We realize that we need to dps little turtles and wait boss getting his breath channeling then hit the dead turtle to him so we interrupt. But problem is you have Random players that love to hit the dead turtles before the channeling With 5x buffs we were not able to get this boss down, ppl were leaving, joining in the end we asked GM to use Finger of Death So we can try the fifth boss that we get down. Have recorded the fun with GM in the radi, best experiance ever for me in WoW raiding


Will update my post later when I upload the video of Megaera, and give a feedback for the sixth boss that have God Armor and can't be killed