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    Yea guys, let's not do this World of Warcraft arguing/bickering again & again.

    Don't care about Johnny "Raiding Sux" or the PVP all-stars of arena team 2legit2quit. We got whole other forums just for that.

    This is the Guild Wars 2 forum.

    -- Fencers

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    I play as a Guardian 80% of the time and seem to enjoy it in groups. The Engineer however didn't get fun for me till I unlocked the flamethrower.
    90 Draenei Shaman -- Praey / Burning Legion
    90 Human Death Knight -- Thaiyn / Burning Legion
    Million alts.

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    I was like you OP, trying out different classes.
    Guardian was the first, stopped at level 25, then Mesmer, stopped at level 31.
    Then I picked warrior and never looked back.
    Ultimate survivability if you want, and damage thats just out of control.

    Next Im going for a dual wielding pistol thief, Going for the whole Hellsing theme

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